Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In June

In June I celebrated my 50th birthday with a party planned by my wife and my 6 year old (hence the rainbow theme and piƱata....) I got a couple of lovely cards from the kids. Corazon made a list of 50 reasons she loves me!

I was blessed that my brother, sister and mom were all able to attend.

The littles and I made chalk spray paints and spent a really hot day outside drawing on the driveway.

There was a good deal of time spent in the water, including our homemade water blob made by Tortuga, Pollito and Milagro.

We went to a 5th grade graduation and Milagro made her feelings about going to school quite clear.

We celebrated my niece's 8th grade graduation...

Corazon and I practices our selfies.

 Milagro played "fairies" with her stuffed animals because no one else would play with her...

Corazon had a number of diving competitions and competed at regionals. She did well enough that she qualified for the zone competition in Florida!

 We discovered a family of raccoons in our backyard.

 Tortuga and Corazon joined swim team again this summer.

At the end of the month we began our almost annual trek to Boston...

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