Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In May

After looking over my pictures from May, I actually understand where the time went!

In May, 
  • Tortuga and Milagro did a bit of gardening before the weather got too hot.
  • Corazon and Pollito went to dance competitions.
  • Corazon went to diving pretty much all the time she wasn't dancing.
  • We played outside.
  • Corazon had to say goodbye to her favorite toy football... it was hard.
  • We flew kites.

  • We went to Corazon's diving competitions.
  • We had dance recitals...
  • The three of them got their 4th year dance trophies.
  • Milagro and I took selfies...
  • My gerber daisy kept blooming....

  • We went to end of year dance banquets...
  • We went to Diving banquets. Corazon got the leadership award and got photo bombed by the masses...
  • I got some lovely mother's day cards.

  • We went to more diving competitions....
  • We rearranged our homeschool "library."
  • We saw a beautiful rainbow.

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