Thursday, May 8, 2014

It all started with a gerber daisy...

My Valentine's Day gift from C. has not stopped blooming since the day I got it. This morning a new flower was completed open and there are a few more on the way.  This sits at my kitchen window and is the first thing I see each morning when I get up and make coffee.  It makes me smile.

The first flower C. gave me was a gerber daisy.

The she told me she loved me.

It was the greatest and most unabashed declaration of friendship (and love) I have ever received. Neither of us would have believed then that a simple act of kindness on my part and gratitude on hers would lead us where we are today. Friends. Family. Partners. Soulmates.


Lee said...

Aren't daisies just the happiest flowers? I think Meg Ryan says that or something like it in You've got mail! And your daisy is also my fave color!

rimps said...

You deserve each other :).

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