Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In March

In March I got sick. A whole lot. One thing after another. Nothing terribly serious, just terribly inconvenient and I don't do very well when I am sick for a long stretch of time.  It was a rough patch, particularly with Tortuga, so this being sick thing really added insult to injury.

In March we continued to appreciate one of the perks of homeschooling. The kids can work pretty much anywhere, wear their pjs and if they wish have one of the cats as a "study buddy."

In March, due to family illness, we celebrated Milagro's half-birthday a wee bit late with a surprise party and cake she decorated herself.

So happy, we do not have attachment issues with Milagro!

In March I went to Orlando for my annual retreat with 120 other moms who parent kids with a multitude of trauma-related issues.

 While I was away C. took them for long walks which they really enjoyed.

Except for Corazon who still has a hard time when I leave...

In March, Milagro continued to shower us with love notes and letters.

And... she did her very first book report.

Even though we do not usually make a big deal about St. Patrick's Day, Milagro took the opportunity to get herself decked out in green (her absolutely favorite color since before she was 2 years old.)
In March, we went to diving with Corazon a whole mess of times. It's a great place to do schoolwork.

Corazon got really good at making rainbow loom bracelets...her creations were in high demand.

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