Thursday, May 8, 2014

It all started with a gerber daisy...

My Valentine's Day gift from C. has not stopped blooming since the day I got it. This morning a new flower was completed open and there are a few more on the way.  This sits at my kitchen window and is the first thing I see each morning when I get up and make coffee.  It makes me smile.

The first flower C. gave me was a gerber daisy.

The she told me she loved me.

It was the greatest and most unabashed declaration of friendship (and love) I have ever received. Neither of us would have believed then that a simple act of kindness on my part and gratitude on hers would lead us where we are today. Friends. Family. Partners. Soulmates.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

In April

Still playing catch-up and cannot manage to find time to write.  So many things going on. Rough patches with the kiddos but we continue to celebrate the important stuff.

In April we celebrated Tortuga's 15th birthday! Where did the time go?

We finally completed our owl study lap books (which we started in November.) This is some of Milagro's.

We got hail. Twice.

We had a mostly drama-free prep for our Easter egg hunt although it has been a rough few months for Tortuga.

We celebrated Easter with friends and family. My brother brought his new family to visit with us and the littles made some new good friends.

 There's some serious bottle cap trading going on as we wait for our table at the local BBQ hang-out.

Easter morning fun.

 She still loves green...

Everyone anxiously awaiting the egg hunt. My sister tried to cut to the front of the line with the littlest ones.

 The big kids helped hide the egg but unbeknownst to them, we planned a "big kid" hunt too.

Breaking cascarones was the highlight. Confetti everywhere!

A friendly game of multi-age soccer rounded out our Easter celebration.

The kids took in a UT longhorn football game.

 My dad was in town for a visit and the kids met him for the 2nd time. (long story.)

Pollito scored some new trains thanks to a wonderful neighbor who got a huge deal at a yard sale.

 Pollito encounters some roadblocks as he does his daily belly crawling.

We started a new 4th/5th  grade read-aloud series with the littles and Milagro decided she could read it on her own.

She also tried to convince me she could drive...

Pollito and Corazon had dance competitions.

 And all throughout the month we went to diving practice with Corazon...

 The sky outside the aquatics center...

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