Thursday, April 3, 2014

We are plugging along...

I can't believe it's April already. March flew by partly because I travelled to Orlando to be with an amazing group of women who totally get this parenting kids with trauma stuff. Even though I was sick while there and even sicker once I got home it was so totally worth it.  I did miss my family but I really needed to be away.  As has become tradition I came home to cards, letters and banners.

Tortuga's message said "Dear Mom, We love you and need you more than the flowers need the sun. We also missed you more than the grass miss(es) the sun on a cold winter's night. You rock!!! "

That said he was a total jerk to me for the week or so after my return. Payback for leaving him I suppose.  This is also a difficult time of year for him. We celebrate his 15th birthday (OMG!!!!) today and by Easter he should even out a little. He is growing by leaps and bounds in many ways but he is also stuck in other ways. This is what the journey with him looks like and some days are just way harder than others.

Corazon is doing well for the most part. She is very focused on her diving and her dance (competition season is here.) Her diving coach is pushing her pretty hard and anticipates she will do well at regionals which might get her to nationals this summer.  She has progressed pretty quickly given that she only started diving in August 2013 so we will see what happens.  For school she is plugging away with Algebra. In social studies she is studying prejudice and discrimination and making some important connections to her own experiences. She and Tortuga have also begun studying WWII and will spend the next month or so learning about the Jewish Holocaust. We are hoping to make it to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. with the two of them this summer.  They are such great learners and thoroughly enjoy all this history.

Pollito is struggling is many ways. He is confronting many confusing feelings about his history. He really struggles with the fact that he is adopted because he has no memory of life before us. He is jealous of Milagro because she was born to us and he wasn't. In his heart of hearts he "feels" like he was born to us but he cannot deny the reality and that messes with him so much.  While he is well attached I do think his ODD has kicked up a notch and we are seeing some raging and meltdowns from him that rival the ones our kids with RAD had.  

While I was away Milagro decided (again) to do an intensive study on dolphins and orcas. This is officially an obsession. She takes notes about the videos she watches, she reads all the books she can put her hand on and she asks really important questions that send us on an online trek to find the answers. A few days ago she paused a video to inform me that she thought there was something wrong with the orcas she was watching because they were "behaving more like sharks" and their "dorsal fins are way too short to be orcas." She determined that that it was an "unusual pod" and that maybe they had "evolved" from different orcas that were related to sharks or had been "raised" near sharks.  She is 6 now and has been obsessed with orcas since she was 2 ½. I think we are in trouble once she reaches second grade.  

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