Friday, January 31, 2014

In January...

My first grader, Milagro, does a monthly writing assignment in which she has to write a story related to that month. Each prompt gives her options to sum up her month or to write in detail about a specific event or activity. When the new year rolled around I thought it would be great if I did the same thing. Lofty plans given that I haven't had much energy to write. I decided maybe I should use pictures instead. Given that my memory seems to be pretty scattered these days it might also help me remember where the heck the time went.

January was a bit of a hellish month as we are in the throws of two kids having "traumaversary" related issues. Corazon doesn't suffer as much as she used to but Tortuga most assuredly does. His issues start right around Halloween and we don't get much of a break until after Valentine's Day. There are some pockets of calm but too many bad things happened to him in these holiday months.

In January we turned a rainy series of days into indoor playground time...

In January we celebrated El Dia de los Reyes (aka Three Kings' Day.)

In January Pollito and I (with a little help from the rest of the crew) completed yet another puzzle.

In January, Tortuga gave Milagro a couple of guitar lessons. He loved it, she isn't sold on the idea because "he is not a good teacher" according to Milagro.

In January, a neighborhood cat disturbed a rabbit's nest and presented us with a newborn bunny from a nearby nest. Then went back to get the rest (yikes!)  The kids kept them warm until we were able to make a nest for them and get them to a bunny shelter.

In January, we celebrated Pollito's anniversary.

In January the littles extended their "red attracts children" game to "blue attracts children too" and group hugged C. (Usually they attack her with hugs whenever she wears red all the while chanting "red attracts children." I don't know where they got that but it's fun to watch.)

In January Milagro lost another tooth and yes, it was as traumatic as the first two. This is the note she left for the "Magic Mouse" (Mexican equivalent of the tooth fairy.)

In January, I taught the kids how to wash C.'s car.  (I am an awesome mom!)

In January, it "snowed." (New England friends please don't laugh. For that matter, everyone, north and east of us, please don't laugh.)

"Snow," of course, warranted hot cocoa with "the works."

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