Saturday, March 15, 2014

The look of love

Last week as I was preparing to leave for my annual trip away from the day to day my kids spent countless minutes trying to convince me to stay. Tortuga finally took the approach that he wasn't going to miss me. I ignored his comments but after the fifth or sixth time of him saying this his sister asked him to cut the bs and admit he would miss me. He countered by saying "I am not going to miss mom because she is going to be with me in my dreams the whole time she is gone. You know how I daydream ALL the time? Well, she is going to be with me ALL the time."

Corazon made mean faces at anyone who wanted to talk about my trip. For weeks she would pout, stomp or roll her eyes whenever the conversation came up.  Finally a few days before I left she yelled at Pollito  "STOP ASKING MOM QUESTIONS!!!!! I KNOW mom is leaving but I don't want to hear about it, I don't want to think about it, I don't want to talk about it!!! OK?!?!!"

Pollito asked me tons of questions about why I was going, what I did there, could he see pictures of my friends there, had me met any of them, etc.  Eventually he concluded that it must be "boring" because I didn't have "kids asking me for something every minute." He promised to draw me pictures while I was gone.

Milagro gave me lots of extra hugs and kept asking me to postpone my departure by "just one day." If you could see her face when she asked that, you might understand just how hard it is to leave that face.

No meltdowns. No tantrums. No rages. No extra special meanness.

We have come a long way...


Christine Moers said...

wow. Just ... holy wow. Beautiful.

rimps said...

Very, very, very happy to read this.

Lee said...

I especially loved how you are going to be in Tortuga's day dreams. That made me teary eyed.

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