Friday, February 28, 2014

In February...

In February, we celebrated my sister's birthday with a cake the kids thought was "too pretty" to cut.

In February we celebrated Corazon's anniversary.

In February, we spent a good deal of time hanging out at the aquatics center while Corazon practiced diving.

In February, I must have lost my mind because I agreed to host the winter social events for BOTH Corazon and Pollito's hip hop companies. We hosted 10 teens and 8 kids between 7-10 at our home for a night of crafts, pizza and glow stick fun at the same time!

In February, Milagro had yet another very wiggly tooth...
and...lost it.  And cried. AND would not leave it for the Magic Mouse (aka tooth fairy) because she would miss it. 

In February we celebrated Tortuga's anniversary.

In February, the dance companies had their Winter pre-season showcase and rocked the house!

Both Corazon and Pollito were on stage at the same time!

In February, Pollito had his first ever dance company competition. In hip hop. His team brought down the house.

In February, Corazon had her first diving competition and did not embarrass her parents. 

And as a bonus, we were right near my cousins who I grew up seeing pretty much every day of my life but hadn't seen since 1986! (How did I let that happen?!)

In February,  I taught Tortuga how to wash windows. How awesome a mom does that make me? :)

In February, Milagro joined the rest of our geek squad and declared she was reading the dictionary.

In February, Milagro demonstrated the difficulty she has expressing her feelings. (I believe this was a result of my embarrassing her by reminding her that at age 2 she had a massive tantrum and she might have said she did not love me. And which I most definitely caught on video.) 

In February, on my most favorite day, Milagro and I stole away between dance practices for a quick 2 hour date and went to a bookstore (to get her very own dictionary), a park, and a beverage of choice.

In February, the orca obsession is still alive and well except that she leaves them around to "watch me" when she leave the room. Creepy.

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