Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween came so quickly this Fall. I barely had a chance to catch my breath from the back to school startup with 4 homeschooling kids and then Halloween was here.  Luckily, three of the 4 were clear from the start about their costumes. Corazon wanted to be Katniss, Pollito wanted to be a Patriots football player and Milagro was set on being a "scary" ghost. We went with cute not scary. We had a good day and the kids barely held it together with all the anticipation. We tried to keep it low key and had the distraction of water seeping into our sunroom/schoolroom/office because of the recent floods in our area. The girls spent a good part of the day moving bookcases, mopping up water and surveying the damage which was minimal but inconvenient.

Tortuga was the only one who didn't help because he is a bit too high maintenance to be of true assistance.  He decided this year to live in "la-la land" as he prepared for Halloween. He didn't follow any of our guidelines for costumes so he ended up "stuck" without a costume until we unearthed a Shelock Holmes cape and hat from our old costumes. He actually "came up" with the idea himself thanks to some quick thinking on Corazon's part.  Basically he changed his mind a dozen times and each time would come up with ideas that were unrealistic or impossible to pull off. He still has that thinking that somehow I will "magically" fix things he destroys, clean up whatever messes he gets into or will someone make his wishes come true. I held my ground and just smiled and said "ok" each time he came up with a more ridiculous idea than the previous one. A few days before Halloween Corazon suggested Sherlock Holmes and he nixed the idea. So we did what we could to change his mind by not saying a word. Instead we moved all of our "Sherlock Holmes" books/stories/mini mysteries to the front of the bookshelf. He started picking them up to read and suddenly he was all about Sherlock Holmes. No drama. No saying "No" to his ideas. Win-win for all.

  Tortuga's trauma stuff rears up around this time of year and this year it has been a little "better" partly because he has been pretty awful since we returned from CO. Thus, the transition to trauma anniversary behaviors almost went unnoticed.  Not necessarily a good thing but that is best left for another time.

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