Thursday, June 6, 2013

Homeschool Graduation

Corazon reminded me that all of them except Milagro had pre-school and/or kindergarten graduations. That led us to plan a Kindergarten graduation and moving up ceremony for the end of our "regular" school year.  We had so much fun planning and practicing. I had never planned a homeschool graduation before but informed by all my years attending graduations and moving up ceremonies as a school administrator and as a parent I set off to make it work.  I realized quickly that the internet provides lots of resources but limited ideas for pulling off a "short and sweet but meaningful" homeschool graduation.

The kids really wanted to recite poems because that has been out weekly practice this past year. As part of our poetry studies this year I made it optional for them to memorize a weekly poem and present it to the family after Friday dinner. As an incentive I offered small prizes (pencils, erasers, notepads, treats, small toys, bookmarks, etc.) for good effort and presentation. I originally had planned on doing it for a few weeks but they didn't want to stop so we ended up doing it from October to May. They loved it and missed it whenever I forgot to find poems for them to memorize or our schedule made it difficult to do them on Fridays. So we decided that reciting poetry would be part of our program.  I ordered a few supplies to add that "graduation" feel and we dug out an old graduation robe from Corazon's preK ceremony.

We were originally going to have a few members present but it didn't quite work out so C. and I were the audience. They worked hard and had a grand time.

 We printed up a simple program.

Page 3 had a picture of all four of them, their names and the grades they were moving up to.

We had a little pomp and circumstance so they could "proceed" into the room. (Their idea and their request was that we make it  a little "formal."

Corazon recited her favorite poem "Summertime Sharing" by Nikki Grimes. 

Pollito recited a poem with a little interjection from Milagro.

Tortuga recited the poem on the back of our program. Then all 4 of them helped Milagro with a short poem/song about Kindergarten. They shared some highlights from the school year and we handed out achievement awards and diplomas (all home-made).

That was it! It took about 30 minutes then we stepped out for some photo ops and came back inside for a simple lunch.

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