Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dance. Dance. Dance.

May around here means it's recital time. How we managed to get 3 kids who all LOVE dance lessons is beyond me. C. and I take one look at the leotards and tutus and remember that we would never have been caught "dead" in them or in her case, she was "forced" to don such attire but only until her lack of flexibilty, grace and coordination became an embarrassment even to well meaning parents.

All 3 of the youngest love ballet and except for Pollito, they scoff at the notion of tutu-wearing. :-) Milagro shows her disdain for tutus and pink each week by being the only child in her class to wear a green leotard (or on occasion a blue one if her green ones somehow didn't make it into the wash on time.) She has forged a quite a reputation for her green leotard so anytime a new green dance accessory becomes available at least one of the teachers points it out to us.  I think Milagro is taking after C. in the grace department but nonetheless she gets such pleasure out of the experience that we will continue it as long as she likes. In fact she is quite the favorite among the teachers because she actually follows directions and listens with a maturity far beyond her years.

Pollito and Corazon have much greater talent and skill in this area. They decided they wanted to try out for Dance Company this coming year so they have been practicing recital dances and planning out their strategies for convincing us to let them try out for company. Pollito will likely only consider hip-hop company but Corazon wants to try out again for regular company in addition to hip hop company. I am not sure I want to handle all the running around that dance company entails but they are both so good that I think it would be a shame to not let them try out.

So now it's a few weeks later and I never got back to this post. Recital went well. I am so proud of all three of them. They did their absolute best and had a great time! As usual I got to handle backstage duties which was a treat. They did dance company tryouts and Corazon made the top Hip Hop Company but not the other "regular" company. She is happy and a little disappointed. Pollito made the "littles" Hip Hop Company and he is thrilled and scared. They will be great I am sure.

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