Friday, November 9, 2012

What's working for us these days...

Corazon has continued to stay on her schoolwork ever since I told her "quit" school. She still struggles at times but insists the schoolwork is interesting and engaging and that it is her own attitude that gets in her way.  She still gives me attitude about things and we still battle for control but her schoolwork issues are greatly reduced. At about the time that I told her to quit school we brought out her "mother/daughter" journal and we started writing back and forth to each other again. I was able to express my disappointment and frustration (and hurt about how she was acting) in ways that felt safer to her and that she could actually "hear." She shares some of those frustrations and disappointments in herself and she was able to own them in writing in ways that she would never do if we were discussing them. When I forget to write back within our timeline (48 hours) she gently reminds me and says she misses it. So that is working for us.

We also started using the noise canceling headphones with her again. I had forgotten how well they worked and why we stopped using them. She is allowed to listen to her MP3 player which starts out with reiki music, gregorian chants and Mozart and then continues on with other classical music. She reports that she loves the feeling she gets from the music and it helps her focus and concentrate. I certainly think it is helping her disposition tremendously too! She is less distracted and much more relaxed both while she is doing schoolwork and afterwards. We are instituting the headphones with the boys soon as soon as I can get them ordered.

We have also started using a new combination of herbal supplements with Tortuga and while I think it still needs tweaking I think we may be onto something. More on that later.

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