Wednesday, September 12, 2012


How did two months go by so quickly? I didn't mean to stop writing. Just busy and caught up in the day to day. Life is life. We have had lots of ups and downs. Some of which I mean to write about but haven't. Sometimes I feel like the kids and want someone to tell me what to write about. So much swirling around in my head and in my life. The past two months have been filled with activity that perhaps explains why I haven't given myself a chance to write. Here's what I can remember...

Three weeks in MA. This was our shortest and most difficult trip. Tortuga was pretty awful most of it. Corazon was amazingly regulated throughout. We made the best of it and visited with lovely friends who we dearly miss, got to meet our friend's newest baby who is adorable, and visited our beloved ocean as many times as possible. I sprained my knee about a week before the trip and to say that the pain was almost unbearable would not be an exaggeration. I am betting that's part of what made Tortuga even more insufferable.

Birth families. No luck finding the boys' birth mom. She has fallen off the radar since last year. We used to have regular phone call then nothing. I am concerned and I think this is part of what made Tortuga insufferable. That and puberty. He wrote a journal entry about how he was happy he wasn't going to get to see her and he was sad he wasn't going to get to see her. I think that sums his feelings up pretty nicely. We celebrated Corazon's birthday with her mother, sister, niece, nephew and sister's new boyfriend. Her mom had also dropped off the radar screen due to some health issues, economic problems and life stuff. Things have gone downhill for her a bit and that makes communicating regularly more difficult. Except for her sister's boyfriend dropping his baggie of "herb" out of his pocket and Corazon wanting to know what it was, the visit went well. No fallout from Corazon so far...

Birthdays. The three younger kids all celebrated a birthday this summer. Corazon turned 12 in July and we had a lovely party in Boston just before returning to Texas. She was amazingly poised, charming, thoughtful, and just a kid. A friend of ours who has known her (and her issues) since the day we brought her home commented that she had her first "real" conversation with Corazon ever. I think that speaks volumes about her progress and healing. The littles turned 8 and 5 in late August. I am still in denial that my babies are that old. They had a great "under the sea" (think sharks and whales with a few dolphins thrown in for good measure) birthday party.  Milagro spent the day rushing up to me and saying things like "This is too much fun. My heart feels like it's going to burst into a million pieces!" I just love that child's spirit!

Homeschool. We ended summer "school" on August 31 and started fall "school" on September 6. The older kids are presenting some challenges but I think much of it is my fault. I am not feeling as organized as I usually am and my expectations have increased. I probably have some scaffolding to do for them that I hadn't planned on. Pollito is actually in a "groove" so things are much better with him. Reading is still the big challenge. I see progress and know we did the right thing keeping him home. He would be so overwhelmed in public school and already labelled in so many ways because of his reading challenges. I have to remember that Tortuga didn't read until he was almost 9.  The big change is that Milagro is now "officially" in kindergarten. She is excited to do "big kid" school but it really isn't much different than her usual days. She is developing an incredible vocabulary. Two days ago she ran up to me and asked me for 2 paper towels. Worrying that she had made a big mess I asked her what was going on. She answered "I have a hypothesis I am trying to test."

Puberty.  Sucks. Most of what is related to this is unbloggable. Just think 13.5 year old boy with special needs. Enough said.

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