Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pollito is Eight!

Just yesterday I was carrying Pollito around everywhere we went (at age 2.5 he was still under 20lbs) and here he is turning 8 on me! Doesn't seem possible. He is still a "little guy" so I get fooled into believing he is younger than he really is. He is turning into quite the comic and has such incredible creativity. So many times he makes me laugh so hard that I have a hard time keeping a straight face when I should be disciplining him. :-) His drawing and writing have taken off this year and we see incredible creations from him whether they be intricate train cities or elaborate 3D drawings of roadways and skyways. He is quite the sentimental child and his feelings get hurt easily. He will also cry if anyone else in our family is crying. He has recently taken to drawing "love" pictures--which currently decorate most of his notebooks, our desks, his room, and any other "free" wall space. He will spend hours drawing pictures for C. and I and deliver them in paper bags, carboard boxes, envelopes, or other handcrafted containers. Some are miniscule (postage stamp size) and others are posterboard size. I can hardly keep him in drawing paper! He still loves to take things apart and hasn't quite mastered the art of putting things back together. (Not sure he ever will...but I am hopeful.)

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