Monday, October 17, 2011

Musings by Milagro

Milagro is obsessed with all things Sc**by D**. She, Pollito and our 4 year old neighbor can play for hours making up and solving Scooby and the gang mysteries. She is also a chatterbox. Sometimes this makes for an interesting combination.

 This morning she came downstairs and announced that we had a new mystery to solve because the ghost on the zip line (one of our Halloween decorations) was going off "more than usual." I hadn't noticed. She came over to hug me good morning and continued.  Her theory was that "onalarity" was happening. Having no idea what she was talking about I asked her what that meant. She announced "ON-A-LAR-ITY!" Still unsure about what she was saying I asked her to explain. "Onalarity means that one ghost is controlling another ghost, even if one ghost is real and the other is pretend like ours on the zip line!", she said.  I asked her where she got this word and she said she made it up. ("I always make up words mom, I am smart like that!")

Then she announced "Mom, our house has a lot of mysteries."
"It does?", I asked.
"Yes, mom. LOTS of mysteries. First there's the mystery of where Grandma Ginny is up in the sky." (C.'s grandmother just passsed away last week.)
"Then, there's the mystery of why my closet door doesn't close all the way when we slam it shut.", she continued.
"And, there's the mystery of where is my wallet."
"And, now there's the mystery of "onalarity" and the zip line ghost." she concluded.

After a short silence, she asked "which mystery do you want to talk about first--closet, ghost, Grandma Ginny or wallet? Come sit next to me so we can have our talk." as she patted the seat right next to her on the couch.

All this before my morning coffee.


Lee said...

:-) That all might require 2 cups of coffee!

Dia por Dia said...

I agree. Especially since she decided to start with exactly where Grandma Ginny was in the sky! I love that child's mind! said...

love her, what a joy!

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