Monday, August 29, 2011

Pollito turns 7!

Dear Pollito,

My beautiful boy you are growing up so fast. I cannot believe you are now 7 years old! When I look at you I still picture that 2 and 1/2 year old toddler with a head of curly hair. Your hair is not as curly and we keep it cut short so the curls only make an appearance to let us know we should cut your hair soon. Although if you had your druthers you would like to grow it long like your sister Corazon. I am afraid your hair would likely grow up but not necessarily down. You still ask for barrettes and bows in your hair and we do try to accommodate you. 

This year you have grown by leaps and bounds in every way although you are still a "little guy." You just made the weight requirement to move out of a booster seat, with harness, and that makes you very happy. However, the rest of us prefer the harness because keeping still and to yourself in the car is a major challenge. You have earned the nickname "annoying little brother" from everyone and while trying at times, your annoyances are generally intended to make people laugh. You demand attention at every turn and will do anything to get a laugh--dance, sing, make funny faces, etc. You are a performer and even though mama and I get frustrated with your behaviors we have to work hard to keep from laughing out loud when we are redirecting you. You ARE FUNNY! You also have a knack for pushing everyone's buttons, including ours.

You have enjoyed a year of ballet, tap and hip hop classes. You LOVE these although you always approach them with a tentativeness and hesitation that makes your teachers wonder if you are enjoying yourself. They don't realize that from the minute you get home until the next class we are entertained by your demonstrations of all that you learned in this week's classes. Anytime good music comes on, your hips and your shoulders start to move and you couldn't stop yourself from dancing if you tried. You are also trying out soccer for the first time and we think you are a natural. Your coaches would agree and even after just 2 sessions they have already commented that they are ready for you to "explode" on the field. You haven't hit your stride in this yet but it is coming. You also started piano this year and while I cannot tell if you really like it or not I think it is helping you in other areas, such as reading.

Reading has been an incredible challenge for you but mostly because you are barely interested in it. You love books and listening to stories but you aren't yet interested in reading the books yourself. You have all the building blocks for reading but you don't usually try to read. I think something clicked for you with music though because it was soon after starting piano that you read your first book out loud. You worked hard at it and were very proud of yourself. Since then you have read about 7 books and then announced you didn't want to learn to read yet. As with other things, we aren't worried. We know you will get there when you are ready and I secretly think that will be very soon.

You still love trains and this year we saw you develop a new "eye" in your ability to set up trains. You build elaborate scenes with your tracks and trains and your attention to detail is incredible. None of your siblings can do this. You are also able to do this with your dinosaurs, cars, block, and other animals and can entertain your sisters for long periods of time as you narrate what you are doing. You are still prone to take things apart and "destroy" things (sometimes deliberately) but you are getting better at putting them together again.

You are our most affectionate child and if we let you, you would spend a good chuck of time on our laps or sitting right next to us. Your favorite place to be is still right next to me or at my feet. Speaking of feet, you give the best foot rubs of anyone in this family and you are the only kid I know who gets upset when I turn down an offer for a foot massage.

Your creative abilities have also grown tremendously this year. Your drawings show wonderful use of color and detail--way more than even 6 months ago. It feels as though you opened your eyes and saw a brand new world filled with color recently. We used to wonder if you were color-blind or simply didn't like color (beyond orange, pink and red) but clearly that isn't the case.  You make at least 2 drawings a day (one for me and one for mama) and we are running out of places to keep them.

You still have many fears--the dark, loud sounds, dogs, being alone, quiet, Elmo(I think he is creepy too)--but your ability to handle these has improved a great deal. I am relieved that you have finally stopped having nightly nightmares AND night terrors! Your body seems more relaxed when you sleep and this is a huge change from even last year. You still want to be cuddled at night and I will be one very sad mom when you decide you are too "old" for this. I am hoping it will be many, many years from now before this happens.

I enjoy our conversations when we have "coffee" together in the mornings. Usually we can only manage to do this a couple of times each week where it is just the two of us. Don't tell any of your siblings but those are my absolutely favorite mornings because you come up with such insightful observations and thoughtful questions. I often marvel at how rarely you let any of us in to hear those ideas of yours.

Never doubt how much we have loved you since the first day we set eyes on you. You are a sensitive soul but also so much stronger than you know. I have so many other things I could say when I think of this past year but I will stop. You are a sensitive, smart, silly, funny, bright, caring, and fun child who brings a smile to my face every single day. I thank the Creator each day for bringing you into my life. Happy Birthday, Pollito, and I hope you will always know how much I love you.

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