Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Milagro is a child who knows her own mind. She knows what she wants and what she likes. In many ways she is spoiled in the manner of youngest children. In other ways she is neglected because she has a maturity beyond her years and always seems to be fine when the older children need more attention. She is the only one of our children who can entertain herself for long periods of time without engaging in destructive or unsafe behaviors. So when she asked for a "Fairy Birthday Party" I wholeheartedly embraced the idea and set out to plan one. As the weeks passed she articulated her desires for such a birthday--tutus, fairy wings, fairy dust, fairy foods ("ALL sweets ands sugar mom!!!"), and lots of fairies and fairy music. Her only birthday present request was the same as every year--a green bike! Would this be the year?

At the same time Pollito asked for another Dinosaur cake.  Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT the cake-baking type. I am good at lots of things. Making and decorating cakes isn't one of them as my first attempt for his 3rd birthday would clearly illustrate. At first I tried to merge the dinosaur birthday theme with the fairy theme. ("Why could he have chosen dragons?" I asked myself.) Then I realized that maybe it was time for them to have separate birthday celebrations. Their birthdays are 7 days apart right at the end of the summer/beginning of school. With the temperatures in Texas reaching well over 100 degrees each day and all the other things going on at this time of year it is always easier to plan a joint celebration. Against my own instincts I broached the question to Pollito. "Would you like to have your birthday party with Milagro or separately?" His response, "My own. ... and can I wear a tutu and fairy wings for Milagro's party?"

Tortuga, Corazon and I set out to plan their celebrations. As part of our summer schooling Tortuga and Corazon were given the tasks of planning fairy and dinosaur related activities. They engaged in learning about these creatures, planning out games, finding books to read to the littles, and driving me nuts for weeks as supplies were found and activities were planned. All in all I am so proud of these two. They struggle mightily with need for attention (being the center of it) and jealousy. Yet, they threw themselves wholeheartedly into planning, learning, and teaching the littles about fairies and dinosaurs. Their knowledge about fairies and dinosaurs continues to astound me. Milagro and Pollito had memorable birthdays and even more than a week later, Milagro will crawl into my lap, give me a hug and tell me "thank you mom, that was the best-est birthday ever!"

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BT said...

Soooo proud of C and T! What a gift they gave their younger siblings. Great job. M's birthday celebration looked magical.

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