Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Summer Vacation Begins...

We have had a full couple of weeks as we prepared to travel back East for the next month and a half or so. C. had several business trips and ended up being away for the 4 days leading up to our departure. The kids were amazing. Despite the fact that Tortuga, Pollito and Corazon's behaviors were a bit erratic (due to the anticipation and anxiety of taking this trip), we pulled it off. We managed to get cat sitters lined up, mailbox keys to the right people, the van packed, the house closed down, and leave only an hour behind schedule after Milagro peed ALL the bedding on my bed that morning! I could NOT leave without washing those out so we had a more leisurely breakfast than planned and just waited for the laundry to finish. Although I did leave a load in the dryer which I am hoping to get someone who is checking on things to take out of there.

Once we departed we drove to Dallas to pick up C. who was wrapping up some work. Our hope was to head out for a couple of hours in order to make some headway. We have to be in Boston no later than the morning of the 23rd and we have many places and people we want to see.  The kids anxiety seemed to dissipate as soon as all of us were in the van and the past three days have been relatively smooth (I probably just jinxed myself.) We drove through Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and into Georgia and managed to visit some historical sites. My kids are still such "geeks" and they have a huge list of historical sites they want to visit. We studied civil war and civil rights this Spring so those are high on the agenda. They also have requested to visit colonial Williamsburg so we are doing our best to get there. They are having so much fun and I am especially proud of Tortuga who is working hard to keep it together. We even had a chance to visit a college we hope will make it onto at least one of the girls' list when the time is right...

The highlights of our trip thus far were a visit with two trauma moms who have daughters with RAD and getting to see Corazon's birth family. I have so much I want to say about both of those visits but I need to be up early tomorrow so it will have to wait until my next window to write.

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