Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Day...

Yesterday was a big day for all the kids.

Pollito lost his second tooth. I mean literally LOST it. It's been wiggly for awhile and sometime between toothbrushing and breakfast we noticed it was missing. His sister, Corazon, helped him write a letter to the Magic Mouse (we don't have a tooth fairy...) explaining the issue.

Pollito also rode his 2 wheel bike for the first time today WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS!!!! He has been TERRIFIED about this for so long and today he was ready. He rode and rode to cheers from everyone in the family plus two of our elderly neighbors who he adores. He was in heaven!

Milagro has a two-wheeler with training wheels. Inspired by her brother she asked for her training wheels to be removed then quickly changed her mind. C. compromised and put them back "off balance" and it took her only a few minutes to figure out how to balance. After 40 minutes she was rarely relying on them. It won't be long before she asks that they be removed. She also is determined to stop wearing pull ups at night. She asked last week if she could start wearing undies to bed and I told her she had to have 5 dry nights in a row. Then she got sick with a fever and that slowed her down. Well yesterday was her third dry night...she even woke me to take her to the potty. That child has an incredible will. We may just get out I
Of those pull ups by next weekend...

Corazon has had three incredible days of staying regulated with very few redirections. I credit part of this to our return to rubbing and tapping AND to starting shaking (see lisa's blog here for the particulars...) She has also been helping our neighbor who is in her mid-70s by going walking with her each day to help lift her spirits and keep her healthy. It's inspiring Corazon to workout more and she even asked about returning to gymnastics. that is huge for her because she never asks for something she has lost (out of sight...thinking). We would have to sacrifice a lot to get her back to that but we know it is good for her and she misses it terribly.

Tortuga needs his own post but he spent the last three days doing some really tough emotional work. He hit a new low last weekend and physically assaulted C. She was ready to call the police and told him so. It scared him (in a good way I think.) One of his consequences involved being away from family activities over the next three evenings because he held us hostage for three to four hours and terrified the younger children. During that time he could choose to do nothing or write about his thoughts and feelings. He chose to write each time and did a good job. He also did not let himself get angry which is HUGE for him.He finished his "missing out" last night and had a really good evening.

He has also started to have bad dreams (that he recalls in the mornings) in which I die. Not sure what to make of that since he threatens to kill me often but I actually think it is a good sign. He seems to view them as "bad" and "sad" dreams and claims they scare him. We are having him keep track of these in his journal.


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Progress is awesome, whether it's riding without trainers or going a few nights without pull ups or great days of staying regulated!

J. said...

wow lots of great stuff going onthere. I hear you on T's choices, C had a stretch like that over Christmas and did the same to me, the same thing was said to him about the police and it seemed to do the trick. May you have a calm weekend.

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