Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

It's been a busy few days filled with lots of fun times. Halloween isn't my favorite holiday but I am in the minority in this household. It it probably C.'s favorite and all the kids have taken after her on that one. :-)  There's something not quite right about getting rid of 3 lbs of candy only to get back three times as much. Although this year we added a twist. We had the kids ask an adult they cared about to tell them what their favorite candy was and part of the "fun" of trick-or-treating was seeing how much of that particular candy they could get. They collected 22 "Butterfinger" candy bars so those are on their way to an out of town friend! I think they were almost more excited about getting that package together than eating their candy.

We still have enough candy to last for months but my general rule is that they can eat as much as they like after dinner for a couple of days after Halloween then the candy is sent away. They don't really consume too much candy even when they have the chance which is good because sugar really seems to do a number on Tortuga and Pollito.

As part of their schoolwork this month, Corazon and Tortuga wrote a Halloween play. They titled it "The Werewolf's Problem" and performed it on Halloween night for a few neighbors and friends. Tortuga played the werewolf and Corazon played the narrator, a ghost, a cat (with Milagro as a kitten), a pirate (with Pollito as a pirate chum), and a witch! They all did a fabulous job. I was so proud of them! Sometimes it is impressive to see Tortuga in a whole new role but it also can be puzzling. That boy can't remember how to sort his socks or make his bed correctly but he can memorize over 80 lines without making more than minor slips!  I am so glad they have found a way to enjoy Halloween here in Texas. It still doesn't compare to the Fall weather, leaves on the ground, old Victorian homes decorated for maximum haunting pleasure and our Boston neighborhood where thanks to C. we had gotten a reputation for one of the best decorated homes in the area! C. continues to add to her Halloween collection each year as she figures out how to make our yard look as impressive as our old porch did! Of course, the kids are all for it and they spend hours plotting and planning how to make it spooky without being gruesome.

The best part of Halloween is that there were absolutely NO meltdowns, tantrums, rages, etc. None. at. all.
(Of course, I think I just jinxed myself....)


Lee said...

I love the halloween play idea! And we too strive for halloween to have a bit of the spooky without being gruesome and scary. part of that is my pagan heritage, but most of it is because I think my kids don't need gruesome. :-) Really cute pictures too!

obladi oblada said...

Sounds like you have a budding actor on your hands! Hope the after affects of Halloween remain meltdown free!

GB's Mom said...

Great costumes! It IS hard to imagine Halloween in Texas :)

beemommy said...

That top picture looks like you'd find it on a magazine cover! I'm so happy for you two and your four, a great deserve it.

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