Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goodbye Lynn

Given the pace of our lives as moms of children with RAD and many other special needs, it's not unusual for one or more of us to "take a break" or get caught up in the busy-ness of our daily lives. So I don't tend to worry too much if I haven't seen a recent post from someone on my blogroll. I like to think that they are ok, just busy and we will hear from them when they are ready.

There is a blog listed near the bottom of my "blogroll" that hasn't been updated in a month or so. I only recently started reading her blog so I don't have much of a sense of the ups and downs of her days. This weekend I found out that we won't be hearing from Lynn (we-are-faking-normal) because she and one of her beloved daughters were killed in a tragic accident last week. I didn't know Lynn well at all but I will miss her.  I do know that she loved her girls fiercely and lived to be the best mom she could be to her two girls with a slew of special needs including RAD and FASD. I will miss knowing that she is out there--fighting to do what was right for her girls and loving them with every ounce of her being.

Mariah, her 8 year old died in the accident and Mellodie, her 10 year old, is on a respirator in a medically induced coma, and unaware of how her life is forever changed. I cannot begin to imagine how she will get through this when she recovers. I am praying for her and her family members as they get through the next days, weeks, months... I am grateful that someone noticed that I was on her blog list and sent me the news even though a small part of me wishes I could have been left with the thought that she was just busy living her life with her beautiful girls.  Goodbye Lynn. You did make a positive difference in their lives.


If you were a reader of Lynn's blog here are the links to the new stories about the accident and fund for Mellodie.,0,1686006.story


mindfulness said...

I felt so sad, reading this post. I had not read that blog before, so I went back and looked at it. This is just heartbreaking! She was an inspiring mom.

I understand about how it might be easier to just "not know" especially with someone we don't really know. However, this does really jolt us into appreciating what we have and that it could end tomorrow. I know it was a good reminder to me to appreciate my life with my children.

beemommy said...

Unbelievable...that poor baby girl who has no clue. Thanks for getting the word out. There just are no words. Everyone, be safe and hug your family a little tighter.

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