Friday, July 23, 2010

Smitten Mama

Note:  I wrote this when Milagro reached the 2 1/2 mark. She is almost 3 but I am just getting around to posting it.


Wow you are two and a half already! Where did the time go? You are an amazingly gentle, loving and thoughtful little girl. You give hugs and kisses spontaneously and say "I love you, mom" several times each day for no reason at all. In the mornings after you wake up you snuggle and say you missed me and at night you say "buenas noches" and "I love you" several times until you fall asleep. Your brothers and sister are never far from your thoughts. You make sure they get treats when you get a treat and you always "save" stuff for them.  At night you get upset if they go to bed before you get a chance to say goodnight. Your new thing is that at Corazon's gymnastics' drop-off you insist she hug you and say goodbye specifically to you. Before you used to cry as soon as we arrived at the gym because you didn't want her to go. Now you seem ok with leaving her there but if she forgets to say goodbye you cry the entire way home while wailing (literally) "she DIDN'T say gooooodbyyyyye to me!"

You have taken a serious interest in becoming a little jock. You have asked for dance class (ballet), soccer, football, ice skating, gymnastics, and after watching the winter olympics you have decided you want to learn to ski and snowboard. I have told you that it is not gonna happen little one but you think I am kidding. When I say "no you cannot take snowboarding lessons" you put on your most serious face and say "mom, you're so funny."

You are working hard to become more independent but I can see the struggles that lie beneath the surface. One minute you say "I need help" and "I'm just a baby" and then the next you let me know "I'm not a baby mom!" or you say "I can do it myself mom..." You want to do everything by yourself--get your own water from the dispenser on the fridge, put on your clothes, tie your shoes, sleep in your own bed and set up all your "bed buddies," night light, musical mobile and night lantern.  Other times you announce you "have to" sleep with us because you are "just a little kid." I must admit that it is with mixed emotions that I push you towards independence and pull you to be a little baby just a bit longer. I love when you crawl into my lap and say "hold me like a baby." I also love when you march yourself up to bed by yourself or announce "I think it is time I went to bed mom."

Your language is absolutely amazing. While I try hard to not compare you to any of your siblings it is hard when I remember Pollito at this age. He's the most recent 2 1/2 year old I have lived with and it is such a different world. He had only a handful of words/phrases at this age. You pretty much can out talk him (and every one else in the house!) and it reminds me of how much difference a child's beginnings make. You have been nurtured, cared for and loved from the moment you were conceived and we have worked to show you that love in every way we could. You mimic everything and you remember most things. You use full sentences and even paragraphs to discuss and describe things. You even know how to use your words to "argue" back if you don't get your way. "BUT, I really need to...." or even "you can't say no cuz I want it!"

You have started remembering your dreams. You don't totally "get" the concept of dreaming so we have had a few not so funny moments when you woke up upset at mama because you thought she threw your baby doll outside and we have to take you out there to see it isn't there. Just yesterday you woke up telling me that you were with a babysitter and you were crying because we went "shopping" without you. You wanted us to take you with us but we left you with "Ms. Kaypin" instead. Sometimes these dreams are based in reality (we did leave you with a babysitter named Caitlyn) but you fill in the blanks and attribute it to a dream. This morning you told me you didn't have a dream. This is the first time you seemed to have acknowledged that you understood what a dream might be.

You have a sense of humor and make jokes at our expense sometimes. You laugh easily and often and you make us laugh. When we look down you dance and twirl around for us and if we don't give you the appropriate response you tell us it is funny and we should have laughed. You are still doing the "talk-sing" that you and I started when you were a little over a year. It is so funny. We sound like the "W*nder P*ets" as we sing our way through a normal conversation. You love doing this and usually sing "Mom why don't you sing so I can talk to youuuuu?" as a way of getting me into it. I wouldn't do this with or for ANYONE else!

When you were about to be born Tortuga and Pollito had only recently arrived (with us 7 and 6 months home) so we each promised that we were all going to make your babyhood the best one ever and all of your brothers and sisters shared that they wanted yours to include things they never had.  I can honestly say they have done that for you and in return you love each of them unconditionally. You accept them wholeheartedly and enjoy being with each of them. When one of them is sad or upset you quickly go to them and hug them, comfort them and reassure them. You hug them spontaneously and are the only one who can bring a smile to Tortuga's face when he is in a total funk. You are such an incredible blessing!


GB's Mom said...

what a beautiful little person!

J. said...

oh she is adorable and sounds like quite the character.

Bryna said...

just found your blog and wanted to say your kids are gorgeous and you sound like an amazing family. i look forward to one day have the time (haha - i have a recent 9 y/o foster son with ODD, ADHD etc so the idea of having ANY time to myself seems so outlandish right now) to read more of your posts.

Dia por Dia said...

GB's Mom, J. and Bryna,
Thank you. They are beautiful and the little one is an amazing soul who can bring me to tears with her sweetness and genuineness. She also moves me to work harder with the others. Bryna, welcome. I think time to oneself when you have a high needs child is pretty much on the privilege list around here too. I told the kids I am putting ALONE time in the bathroom on my Christmas list and that's the only gift they ever need to give me. My older daughter looked at me with the most puzzled look and said "but mom that's the only time we can talk to you when you aren't busy!" Go figure!

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