Sunday, June 13, 2010



It has been a busy week as we prepare to travel East so I haven't had time to write. We started by celebrating my birthday and then doing a mad dash to get the house ready and everything packed for our time away from home. The days leading up to my birthday were really nice ones thanks to C. She started the celebration early and we even got a babysitter and went out to dinner to a new restaurant just the two of us which is an all-too-rare occurrence. Of course, starting the day before my actual birthday the two older kids were pretty challenging. It is just too hard for them to see someone else be the "center" of attention and they did their best to draw attention to themselves. Tortuga "forgot" all his routines, tattled constantly on the other kids for all kinds of real and imagined offenses, and pretty much worked hard to make everyone else miserable. Corazon just couldn't stay regulated. She couldn't (or wouldn't) even try and whined, pouted, and cried her way through the two days. They didn't manage to put too much of a damper in the day and were able to regroup long enough for us to do dinner, cake, and gifts.

The kids' gifts were quite lovely and very telling. Milagro had decided that she wanted to get me a heart necklace because she "loves me so much." I have a heart necklace (actually about a half dozen because Corazon has given them to me over the years) and C. was able to steer her toward buying me a cross (I had lost mine which I have worn for more than 20 years). She looks at the cross as touches it every chance she gets and say "I am soooo happy mom because I love you sooooo much." It is about the sweetest thing! Pollito and I "do coffee" two or three times each week so he had that on his mind and got me a coffee mug and coffee beans (all his own idea). He was so excited to give them to me and held on to the secret for two whole days, which for him is an absolute miracle. Corazon made me a necklace, another heart  :-) , and got me a little "Br**kstone desk fan because I am "always hot" :-(. She is my hypervigilant child and I am her obsession. She notices everything I say, do, like, etc. as long as it isn't any direct request or instruction to her.  Tortuga got me candy. Quite a bit of candy and gum. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but do like gum but I know that in his mind candy is about the greatest gift ever so I took it in the spirit in which it was offered.

I have so much else I want to write about but no time. Maybe I will be able to find a window as we hit the road...

By the way, that is my birthday cake!


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Happy Birthday! Love the descriptions of the gift giving. Very sweet. Bobby is much like Corazon in that he remembers all that I say (even if I can't remember). Way too hypervigilant. Safe travels.

Carmel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love the question mark on the cake! Have fun on the East coast.

BT said...

Happy birthday to a fellow summer baby! Glad it was a good couple of days!

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