Friday, April 23, 2010


It's been so challenging to settle down long enough to write. I think it is partly Spring fever and partly needing to do a little regrouping. I'm working on getting myself to write about some of the goings on around here soon but for now I will have to settle with jotting down a few key points. Many changes  around in no particular order....
  • Pollito is now officially homeschooled. We pulled him out about 2 weeks ago and he is THRILLED. Mom is less than thrilled but thinks she did the right thing...
  • Week-long visit from my dear friend and her daughter (my summer child) confirmed that I need a summer without a fifth child so I "discouraged" her regular summer several months stay. This will make for the first time in 4 summers that I don't have her daughter with us but I need this. She's a great kid but another 10 year old right now isn't what we need.
  • Tortuga is making progress and having some setbacks. We are planning on sending him off for a weeklong camping trip with his grandfather so we can get a break. Shhhhh....he doesn't know about it yet.
  • Corazon is out of gymnastics. Long story. Loads of drama. Right choice (for now) but I got a stir-crazy athlete on my hands. Will likely find another gym for her but timing sucks!
  • We have one pre-diabetic household member and kids who eat just about anything so we are always mindful but I have made dietary changes for everyone's health--no one has noticed what's missing. 
  • Milagro is toying with giving up diapers. She won't officially potty-train and she loves the feel of "big girl" underwear BUT prefers to do her business in diapers. So we dress her without diapers and when she needs to go she will hold it until she gets a diaper! Go figure.
  • We have confirmed that we will once again travel to New England this summer. Will travel from Texas to PA then up to Boston then work our way down to D.C. and then home. Kids are preparing their lists of sites to visit given that they are history buffs and we have spent a chunk of this year exploring colonial times, women suffragists, peace movements, American revolution and the Civil War. We are excited to hit the road again!
  • Lastly, put perhaps most shocking of all, I have thrown out ALL my dishtowels and replaced them with new ones. Some were older than my kids. Call me crazy.
That's all I have right now.


GB's Mom said...

So sorry to hear about Corazon' gymnastics :( I am considering pulling GB out of school, too.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

So happy to read your post and catch up... Hope you'll make a stop in/near our area this summer. You are soooo brave to throw away old dish towels (almost as brave as home schooling in my opinion!) I still have some of my Mom's from when I was a little girl!

J. said...

wow, changes is right, hope you have a great weekend.

I am not suprised P is home, that was some kindergarten program!

I hope that Miss C is able to wait unitl the right gym is found,m good luck.

I hear you on the tea towels, many of mine need to be thrown away too.

Ashley said...

Always nice to hear from you. :)

Mom 4 Kids said...

We had a kid who was conditioned to go potty in his pull ups. Funny thing happened, we ran out of pull ups on purpose and apparently there was a pull up farm shortage because the store didn't seem to have any either and one minor accident later our little one decided he'd rather go in the toilet than in his underwear. Same thing happened at a friend’s house when her little girl would only go in her pull ups. Voila she was also trained. I am so glad that someone passed on that tip or I think he would still be doing the do in the pull ups!

You are so brave to go the home school route! I am sure it will benefit your little guy! Way to go Mom!

Lee said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about changes! The lack of gymnastics outlet must be hard for Corazon, but the road trip sounds exciting. You might be near us too this summer!

I am notorious for not throwing away old dish towels and wash cloths. My wife periodically does the big purge because if it has threads still, I feel compelled to continue using them!

Amy C. said...

you are soooo kind to check in on me. i've kind of been keeping to blogging on my "fluffy" blog about my crafty projects

when i'm on there, i can pretend i don't have a kid with rad who is trying to slowly kill me by sucking out my braincells. i can pretend my daughter's not odd. i can pretend my 2 1/2 year old is refusing to potty train :) i can pretend i'm just a *normal* stay at home mom - even though we both know I'm not. lol

lots of changes in your household, i see. i am wondering how the homeschooling is going. husband and i have briefly been tossing this idea around for our rad - but i don't know if my sanity can take it. i know that's selfish on my part, but i'm running pretty thin on sanity these days and think it is probably in his best interest to go to school ;) besides. we have this entire summer coming up to bond. *heavy sigh*

BT said...

I have to admit I'm cheering about Pollito escaping that overzealous kindergarten!

Shocked about Corazon's gymnastics.

And thinking I may have tea towels that are even older than yours! Can't seem to get myself to buy new ones just yet.

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