Friday, April 23, 2010


It's been so challenging to settle down long enough to write. I think it is partly Spring fever and partly needing to do a little regrouping. I'm working on getting myself to write about some of the goings on around here soon but for now I will have to settle with jotting down a few key points. Many changes  around in no particular order....
  • Pollito is now officially homeschooled. We pulled him out about 2 weeks ago and he is THRILLED. Mom is less than thrilled but thinks she did the right thing...
  • Week-long visit from my dear friend and her daughter (my summer child) confirmed that I need a summer without a fifth child so I "discouraged" her regular summer several months stay. This will make for the first time in 4 summers that I don't have her daughter with us but I need this. She's a great kid but another 10 year old right now isn't what we need.
  • Tortuga is making progress and having some setbacks. We are planning on sending him off for a weeklong camping trip with his grandfather so we can get a break. Shhhhh....he doesn't know about it yet.
  • Corazon is out of gymnastics. Long story. Loads of drama. Right choice (for now) but I got a stir-crazy athlete on my hands. Will likely find another gym for her but timing sucks!
  • We have one pre-diabetic household member and kids who eat just about anything so we are always mindful but I have made dietary changes for everyone's health--no one has noticed what's missing. 
  • Milagro is toying with giving up diapers. She won't officially potty-train and she loves the feel of "big girl" underwear BUT prefers to do her business in diapers. So we dress her without diapers and when she needs to go she will hold it until she gets a diaper! Go figure.
  • We have confirmed that we will once again travel to New England this summer. Will travel from Texas to PA then up to Boston then work our way down to D.C. and then home. Kids are preparing their lists of sites to visit given that they are history buffs and we have spent a chunk of this year exploring colonial times, women suffragists, peace movements, American revolution and the Civil War. We are excited to hit the road again!
  • Lastly, put perhaps most shocking of all, I have thrown out ALL my dishtowels and replaced them with new ones. Some were older than my kids. Call me crazy.
That's all I have right now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lovely weekend

Holidays and celebrations can be trying times around here so I always look forward to these with a bit of trepidation. Tortuga turned 11 on Saturday so we did what every good parents of special needs kids who can't handle the anticipation do. We told him way in advance that we were not celebrating until mid-month, when our friends from Boston will be visiting, then we went out the night before to celebrate! We went out and got him a bike (he has never had one before and didn't know how to ride), took him to his favorite restaurant for dinner, and got his favorite ice cream before he had time to ruin it! It was perfect. On Saturday he wasn't expecting anything so he was pleasantly surprised to wake up to streamers all over the kitchen/breakfast area, balloons, and his favorite breakfast. We spent much of the day doing Easter preparations including finishing up our Easter eggs (cascarones) and then I cooked one of his favorite dinners. My sister and niece came over and we had dinner and ice cream cake plus a few more gifts. All in all he handled it beautifully with only a few minor bumps.

Of course, I was dreading what Sunday would bring since usually too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing. It was a little rocky but with lots of breaks in his room he managed to enjoy most of the time with the family. We had a few neighbors over and did a massive Easter egg hunt. The kids played, ate, played, ate and of course, had too much sugar! Milagro was so tickled that the Easter bunny left her basket in our fireplace that she had to tell the story to anyone and everyone who would listen. Her retelling usually started with "THAT EASTER BUNNY IS SOOOOOO FUNNY!" and ended with "I was SOOOOO SOPIZZZZZED!!!" (surprised) Too funny...

We are slowly making our way back to normalcy although Corazon is still angry at me for leaving so she had declared a moratorium on doing her schoolwork. I am going to have a really clean house if she stays angry too much longer since she insists on being near me at all times and I just keep putting her to work!

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