Monday, March 15, 2010

Random tidbits from the past several weeks...

I had refrained from commenting about the kids' behavior recently because Corazon and Tortuga had been doing extremely well and I didn't want to jinx it.  Since they are both beginning to spiral downward these days I guess that streak is over... I refuse to write about that right now because I am still relishing the fun we've had over the past several weeks. Let's just say the two of them were sent to bed (for the night) at 3:30 p.m. yesterday because I. was. done.

Spring is definitely in the air. Some of the trees are starting to bloom. It has been in the 70's outside  for the past several days. With rumors that we might get rain later this week I have let the kids take advantage of the afternoon sunshine every chance we get. We also set up the sandbox and sand/water table outside so I don't see much of the little ones except for the breaks they take for food and water. We have also gone to the park each afternoon to take advantage of the beautiful weather. They love being outdoors and have been having an absolute blast although Tortuga has had his usual struggles of being a big kid with a little kid mentality which can be disastrous at the park when there are lots of kids around. Two days ago after several close calls I had him sit at a table because he couldn't handle himself safely around all those little kids. He was soooooo mad BUT he held it together until we got home. Then we had a mini-meltdown but not as bad as we have seen. So it was a win-win I think.
Yep! That's Milagro!
Milagro is such an outdoor kid through and through. All of them are! Yesterday at the park she came up to me and very matter-of-factly said "mom, I LOVE SUNSHINE!!!!" I smiled and told her I knew that. She got a very serious look on her face and then said "I love sunshine AND I love snow!" Given that her experiences with snow are limited--one morning of light dusting in February--I had to chuckle. She noticed I was laughing and said "that not funny mom!" She is so full of attitude but in a cute way! When I tell anyone who asks that she is two years olds she promptly says "two and a HALF!" 

Corazon made a "snow squirrel...."

The older kids have had lots of ups and downs. Mostly ups although we may be on the downswing. A few weeks ago we went to visit my mom and brother in South(ernmost) Texas. There was a wonderful festival that I hadn't attended in more than 20 years! It's a wonderful celebration of Mexican-American culture and because this is a border town with Mexico there were lots of opportunities for celebrating the social and cultural connections between the U.S. and Mexico. All 4 declared they were happy and proud to be Mexican (even though ethnically none of them are Mexican) but since their mom is most definitely raising them in a Mexican household I guess it counts! :-) They had so much fun watching the traditional dancing, music, and performances during two parades and an outdoor festival.  Pollito quickly declared he wanted to learn to dance like the folkloric dancers and the other agreed it would be fun to learn. They even enjoyed dressing up in traditional clothing. C. couldn't travel with us because she was up in Boston for work so it was me and the 4 kiddos. They did amazingly well and thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. There was so much sunshine that some of us even got a little sunburn.

On a final note. Tortuga started guitar lessons about 5 weeks ago and Corazon started trumpet lessons. We had a "mini-recital" this past weekend so they could show off their skills. I video-taped but will spare everyone the video and post these instead. They are doing so well!!!


GB's Mom said...

Great pictures! Corazon is beautiful! I would love to hear her and Tortuga play!

J. said...

I hope that they get back on the great behaviour train sooner rather than later. Great pictures, looks like lots of fun.

BT said...

Ha ha about the 3:30 bedtime. Ours both went at 5:00 pm this past Sunday. The day they'd put us through. It was all I could do to make it to 5:00.

Tortuga is looking like a different kid, Dia. It is visible in his face. You guys are doing great with him.

Hope fully this little regression period really will be little -- just the nonlinear healing process.

Lisa said...

Beautiful!!! I especially like the picture of Corazon. Gorgeous!!!

Carmel said...

I LOVE the snow squirrel. How cute!

It's wonderful to hear you had such a good few weeks.

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