Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine fun

C. says I am ruining my reputation as a "non-crafty" person. It does seem like having little ones brings out some elements of "craftiness" in everyone so while I am not fully embracing this part of my experience if I tell the truth I would say that I am enjoying it a tiny bit more these days. :-) We made these really neat crayons for Pollito's valentines and he hand wrote ALL of his classmates' names plus signed his cards. His letters are coming along so nicely after a complete lack of interest in letters or reading for much of this school year. I got inspired enough (and harassed enough) that I made an additional batch once all the kids had gone to bed so I could surprise them with a set of their very own heart-shaped crayon for Valentine's Day.

The little ones also made some heart-shaped flowers and handprint cards for C. They miss her so much when she is away and she was gone for a couple of days this past week so we had time to make these. The older kids were on their own this time around. Corazon had some clear ideas about what she wanted to do for her teammates at gymnastics and had made plans to work on her valentines when her schoolwork was done. She is learning to manage multiple responsibilities so much better these days.Tortuga really has no friends or classmates and given his attitude towards us, I gave him the option of NOT doing any valentines this year. He asked me for supplies on Saturday. Mine prominently featured "I will always love you" statements throughout along with other heartfelt sentiments. Absolutely lovely!


Lee said...

I love the idea of crayon hearts! Did you use candy molds for those? I am always looking for new crafty ideas!

GB's Mom said...

You have a natural flair for crafts.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

What a cool idea - (crayons). I'm impressed!

Dia por Dia said...

Mama Drama--I saw it years ago and made hearts for Corazon's one year and it has become somewhat of a tradition since then.
GB--Thanks I never knew that being the science/math geek I always was! :-)
Lee--Yes candy mold hearts AND then heart-shaped muffin tins for the bigger ones. It's super easy. I save broken crayons and when we have a batch I melt them into whatever shapes. Easy to do, fun to help and quick to make. The hardest part is breaking the crayons into smaller pieces!

Amy :) said...

I want to tell you that I totally keep up with you and appreciate your supportive comments to me. I don't comment on yours all of the time because I read a lot of my blogs in bed on my iphone, and it's tempremental about letting me comment.

Thank you for always posting things I can relate to. (Random, I know, but if you read my recent post you'll understand why I'm a little mushy right now...)

Hartley said...

I love the crayon hearts! And, since I have all boys, how cool to have something festive but not too girlie. I totally am bummed I have to wait an entire year to do them. Ugh. Maybe I can make them crayon eggs for Easter? Hmmmm.
Thanks Dia!

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