Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's the little things

Milagro is growing so very, very fast. Maybe because I am with her all day I get to see it but I don't actually see it until it almost slaps me in the face. We are at a point in her language development where she only has to hear a word or phrased used once and she has to try it on for size. Sometimes I don't even notice it because I am not paying attention or I still think of her as this little baby which at almost 2 1/2 she isn't anymore!

A couple of days ago we were driving downtown where the roads are sometimes on small hills. She saw a bus and exclaimed "Mom! That bus is tipped over! And that one is tipped over too!"

Today Milagro looked at my shoes and said "Mom, your shoes are brand new!"

When we were getting ready for bed tonight Milagro said "I need to brush my teeth mom." I told her she would be fine until morning to which she replied "Mom! That's not nice! My teeth are dirty and I need to brush my teeth!"

Yesterday at Pollito's school pick-up time she yawned. Then she said "Mom. I think I need more sleep!"

Her other insight for yesterday was the following: "Guess what mom?  I blow my nose. I get the boogers out. I feel better, mom!"
Milagro: I made something.
Me: What?
Milagro: A picture. Look.  ...   I drawed it.
Me: What is it?
Milagro: Mommmmmm! I already told you! It's a picture!
Me:  Oh.

On Tuesday we had to take her to the doctor who suspected she might have a hairline fracture in her foot. She couldn't put any weight on her left foot without screaming in pain but there was no swelling or bruising. We waited for a long time but she finally got her foot x-rayed. C. took her in and when she came back to me she said "Mom! I saw my bones!  My bones are pretty!"

 The picture above? Those are the newest additions to her treasure box. From the time she was 11 months old C. tried to take her on a daily walk to explore the neighborhood and pretty much since that time she has brought me something back. Usually it was a flower or a pebble. Lately she goes out on her own and explores the backyard but she still brings me something back EVERY single time. This is what she brought back to me on her latest walk.


Ashley said...

Language is so fun, isn't it?

Poor little muffin, hairline fractures are *no fun*.

Lee said...

I love that she has a treasure box! KC has one too--it was his favorite gift on his 3rd birthday and it is packed with "treasures."

Dia por Dia said...

Ashley--It turned out NOT to be a fracture but serious soft tissue damage so she still limps along with an added "ow!" for emphasis.
Lee--Each of the kids have a treasure box BUT we now keep Tortuga's for him. He has destroyed everything in it (including a few irreplaceables like cards/letters from grandparents and us when he joined the family). They love them!

BT said...

Our boys have treasure boxes too, except we call them their "special boxes." We put anything in them that is special enough that they want to save it long-term. Lots of cards, letters, signs of accomplishments, art work, and little found treasures. It is so fun, and I believe it will be a mix of nostalgia, positive self-image development, and hilarious for them to go through as adults.

Brie said...

what a sweet little girl! i love that she always brings something back for you - adorable. hope her foot is feeling better!

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