Sunday, January 10, 2010

You didn't want to be me this past weekend....

I am patiently waiting for the 18th load of laundry to come out of the dryer. This is my 18th load this weekend and the good thing is that I did NOT let the laundry pile up. In fact I was all caught up with my regular laundry before the weekend began. I knew I had a few loads of sheets/towels to do as I cleaned up after the last of our visitors left but since Friday there has been a whole lot of diarrhea and vomiting going on around here and if I could've put the kids in the washer I would have.  Being sick is not fun for anyway but throw in some RAD and ODD and it is a whole heck of a lot less fun. Both boys were projectile vomiting and then sitting/sleeping in it. It was not pretty. I think we still have evidence on the floors/wall of the bedrooms.  I couldn't get the 5 and 10 year olds to get themselves to the bathroom, bucket, or even to shift positions so they didn't get it on everything in sight. Tortuga even managed to burst blood vessels all over his face from the force of his hacking and I had to take him to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't something more serious. Doctor was surprised someone his age put so much force into throwing up and it was hard to explain that when he is sick he really is about 3 or 4 years old.  The baby was the last of the kids who caught their stomach bug and after a few times of messing both of us up she "got the hang of it" and managed to announce she was going to throw up and move so that it went in more appropriate places. She even apologized for getting my clothes dirty!

I am struck by just how many gaps Tortuga has. While he was sick we had interesting conversations about bodily functions and his lack of understanding about some basic ones. I thought we had covered all that but of course, I was wrong. It is so hard to keep track of all the things he needs to learn and I forget that he had very little parenting before age 8. I need to find a systematic way to help him learn the stuff he doesn't know. I am pretty good at recognizing that he doesn't know something rather than assuming it is his ODD kicking in but then there are times when it hasn't really come up and WHAM! we discover that "oops he doesn't understand this/know this/etc." Of course there are still times it is his RAD or ODD.

Since it is a new year I am reorganizing and reassessing and revamping everywhere I go. The boys' room in undergoing yet another transformation. We have spent the last 6 months bumping poor Pollito from room to room because of the behaviors of the older kids. I put my foot down and decided Tortuga couldn't hold everyone else hostage anymore with his behaviors and I moved Pollito back into the room with him. That lasted about 3 weeks before we were seeing behaviors AND attitudes from Pollito targeting both girls and realized he was being "fed" a whole mess of nonsense by Tortuga. So I moved him back in with Corazon but that limits the time she can spend in her room and she really is at a place where she can handle doing some things in there by herself without constant supervision. So we spent about a week considering all our options and decided to move him back into the room but are working on dividing the room in such as way as to keep them separate yet with their own personal space. Tomorrow we search for a new bed for Pollito. If anyone has ideas about something that is set up something like a fort please pass them along... :-)


beauty obscure said...

What about something from IKEA


with a bedtent over the top.

Lee said...

Blech! I feel for you with the pukies. I have some of those issues here when kids are sick but for different reasons. My eldest is so unable to assess accurately his body signals that at 24 he is my hardest one to deal with when he is ill. Rob is getting better with this but he was a spewer for a looooong time. KC and Lissa always wind up in bed with me when they are sick which brings its own blech factor to the occasion.

Foster Ima said...

Regarding beds, I think that IKEA has something that isn't really a fort but has a sheer curtain/tent over it.

Christine said...

Oh my hooch! Gross, gross, gross. Nothing worse than bleching aimlessly.

I have divided many a room over the years. We have made frames out of PVC pipe and just hung bed sheets on them like curtains (could cut-to-fit those exactly how we needed them in the space - wonderful). Have hung hooks from the ceiling and hung curtain panels from there. IKEA has these great solid panels which can work as curtains, too. You can hang from the ceiling, which turns them into room dividers if you choose.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

EWWWWW on the Flu. Yuck. Feel better soon. All are coughing here. It's like living in a TB ward.

Thanks for thinkig of me and giving me an award (a week or more ago) One of these days I'll figure out the link thing.

To divide the room, what about two low bookcases safely mounted to the floor with those little metal L brackets and a dividing curtain hung above, hospital style? One bookcase faces each side of the room and the back of the second bookcase serves as a cork board or blackboard.

Dia por Dia said...

I knew if anyone could come up with better ideas it would be y'all! Thank you. Christine--I will be calling you about the PVC tubing idea and MamaDrama I love the bookcase idea! Beauty Obscure and Foster Ima--it looks like we are on the same track. We have been using a bed tent which works for the little one but the big one destroys it or throws heavy things at it to harass the little one so we had just started to try and figure out alternatives. We are going to try and get one of those options suggested even if maybe I can just add "curtains."

Oh, Lee-- I feel for you. I worry my oldest will grow up unable to care for himself. The stuff he can sleep with/next to when he is ill just blows my mind!

ldw said...

Ewww and ugh! Sounds horrible in your world! I am so sorry and even more so that I haven't been a very available friend lately. Know that I miss you and will be back on track soon enough. Love and prayers!

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