Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family time

These post-Christmas days have been busy and festive. We are so blessed. C's birthday was on the 27th and a friend of ours from D.C. came to visit. We celebrated with dinner out and bowling. I used to be a good bowler in my youth but I managed to bowl a 68 (and 3 of those were strikes!) My 2 year old almost did as well as I did with a 64 (but to my credit she had bumpers!) We delayed celebrating with birthday cake until the arrival on the 28th by our dear friend P. and her 89 year old mother and on the 29th by my 20 year old second cousin. Add my mom to the mix and we pretty much have every decade covered. 11 people ages 2-89 have made for precious moments. Pollito and our eldest guest have had bedtime story reading time together and today they put a lego airplane/boat together. My almost 80 year old mom and Milagro taught each other some new dance moves yesterday and haven't stopped practicing. My cousin went skateboarding with Tortuga and Corazon and then the whole crew (minus me and P's mom) went for a hike in the woods and got just a little lost today. Add in teaching folks to play Blokus, Sorry and Clue and overall it has been fun and relaxing. Of course I am spending too much time in the laundry room and kitchen but I cannot complain too much.

So far the RAD behaviors have been semi-contained although Corazon is having a difficult time with too much adult attention and my giving attention to too many other people. She seems quite attached to me but sometimes I think it is a most anxious form of attachment with lots of separation anxiety. This morning I had to run to the grocery store (not enough eggs for breakfast) and she was almost in tears that I was leaving without her. I gave her permission to have a full blown meltdown while I was gone although I reassured her that she should be able to handle my absence for 20 minutes or so. Normally I can anticipae quite a bit of acting out whenever I leave her behind so I was prepared for just about anything. She actually did fine. She decided that it is supposed to take her 10 minutes to do her morning writing prompt so she set a goal for herself to do 2 prompts and then I would be back. It worked for her. She got today's and yesterday's done and she didn't get into any trouble that we know of. I was quite proud of her. It seemed to give her confidence for the rest of the day and she did wonderfully.

Tonight we will have birthday cake and watch "Up" and hopefully we will continue to relax and enjoy our family and friends.


Lisa said...

Happy birthday C!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you tried a transfer toy for Corazon? I've got a little piece of paper that J can carry in her pocket. It tells her I love her and I will be back. The sitter says she will pull it out and look at it several times. Since Corazon loves written notes it might be a thought for her.

Lee said...

Sounds like great times! I love that all the different generations enjoy each other and find commonality. That is so special and something often lost in present day society.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Tag! I tagged you for a Happy 101 award! :-)

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