Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hanging in

I accidently started a holiday tradition of getting the kids matching pajamas in 2007 when the boys came and Milagro was born.  Someone gave us matching pjs for Milagro and Tortuga and then coincidentally Pollito and Corazon got matching pjs. All of the pjs were from the same company and it looked like they were matching intentionally so a tradition was born. Here's that first set of pjs.

After that the kids began to expect it every year. So last year, 2008, I got these pajamas for them.

We used the picture above on last year's holiday card. This year, they have matching pajamas again.

We are hanging in pretty well. C. is out of town for work which always adds a little more crazy to our mix. Milagro just hit two important milestones. First, she is able to recall her dreams (but she doesn't know they are dreams yet.) Yesterday morning she woke up and she was crying (unusual since she is a happy morning kid!). She wanted her baby doll which she claimed C. had thrown outside. She was "scared" for her baby doll. I tried to show her that all her baby dolls were fine and she kept asking for the "other one." Her insistence that it was outside persisted so I asked her to show me where. We went out to the spot she claimed the doll was at and she was genuinely perplexed that she couldn't find her. She said C. was "mad" and threw the doll outside (something that would never happen in real life.) It stuck with her all day long. With C. being out of town, she is also missing her. Usually she notices C. isn't around and gets a little clingy with me. Last night she came and in a little whiny voice told me she "missed" her "other mom." She hasn't used that word "miss" before but she was using it appropriately. I tried to reassure her and she just sat in my lap and cried quietly. It was so sweet and so heartbreaking at the same time.

Pollito is edgy. Too much "week before xmas vacation" activity at school wreaks havoc for him. The week has been full of too many sweets and treats, parties (theirs was on Tuesday!), movies every single day, and today was pajama day. Like the rest of the kids he doesn't do so well without the usual structures so we are seeing more acting up from him. He copies so much of the older kids' RAD behaviors that I sometimes wonder if I am missing something with him!

Corazon is having a hard time staying regulated. Won't do schoolwork correctly or at all. Yesterday she "forgot" how to multiply, divide, add money, and couldn't figure out what a noun or verb was to save her life. It made her schoolwork, which should have taken about 45-60 minutes, take all day to not finish. She just played "dumb." She has generally done so much better around holidays, etc. but right now she is still struggling. Tortuga is sliding downhill fast. We have had alot more rudeness, meanness, belligerance, and "forgetting" of routines and expectations.  It's to be expected but it is wearing thin. I am not handling it as well as I should/could so I am feeling like a "bad parent."

On another note though we are having fun with the advent calendar my mom, Corazon and I made last year.

Corazon helped me finish it this year and we put in all kinds of "fun" and simple activities for the family to enjoy. In the past it has been hard because all the kids haven't been able to participate in the fun activities we do throughout the holiday season. I decided this was a way to give them a fresh start every day. So far, both Corazon and Tortuga have had to sit out some of the activities but overall they have been able to participate in a good number of them. We have done things like watch Christmas movies, had hot chocolate with candy canes, done nice things for one another (anonymously), shared good things about each other, had dinner by candlelight on the floor in front of the Christmas tree, made cupcake "snow people", read the Christmas Story from the bible, had dessert for breakfast, etc. It has kept things fun and exciting but also low-key. I still get sad when they can't all participate but it doesn't feel as bad as in the past when I felt like they missed out on something more major when we did only a few "special" Christmas activities.

Here are the kids' snow people cupcakes:

This little reindeer was not holding it together well so she missed out on the snow people cupcakes.


Brie said...

i love the matching pjs-too cute! what a fun tradition!

and i can't believe they already had a christmas party - that doesn't seem to be too well thought out...

Lee said...

I love the PJ pics! And I love the idea of the snowmen cupcakes too. I am going to steal that idea and maybe do it for a midwinter party as I have told hte kids we could have a couple friends in January and do something. I thought it would be less stressful then, rather than having a "Christmas party" which is what they originally suggested.

SocialWrkr24/7 said...

Kudos to your "accidental" tradition! The PJs make for great pictures - and even better family traditions!

BT said...

Wow! Those pj's are fantastic. I'm amazed you can find them in the range of sizes you need.

Keep hanging in there through the regressions. It doesn't sound like it's anywhere near as bad as it could be, so keep remembering that your hard work with Tortuga is still paying off.

We recently returned to bottle time with P (who's about to turn 10), and it has been a huge positive in terms of settling down and getting re-regulated.

Christine said...

You have a beautiful family! Merry Christmas!

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