Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where did the week go?

The whole family (except Tortuga) has been down for the count since Tuesday with a nasty bug--more cold than flu-like. Milagro was the hardest hit so there's been lots of napping, tylenol, cough medicine, and kleenex in our days. We are on the mend. I am working on writing about how our little "test" with Tortuga has changed things and what we are doing next. Hopefully I can gather my thoughts soon. Right now I will say that it has been hard, very hard and we are still recovering from the additional freedoms he had. One good thing though is that he is adament that he WANTS to be in the family. This is new for him (although he doesn't remember it that way.) Here are a few highlights of my week just in case anyone is interested.

Wednesday--I was quite sad and disappointed about the vote in Maine that did not go in favor of same-sex marriage. I really thought it might. I just keep reminding myself these are historic times and we are witnessing important history in the making.

Thursday--I was pleased that Referendum 71 ("Everything but marriage") was passed in Washington state. At least they will get the 400 or so state rights they had previously been denied. In more exciting news I bit the bullet and registered my car in Texas. It was harder than I thought to let go of those MA license plates but it definitely felt a little bit more like "coming home." Spent half the day on the phone with Pollito's school because he had a golf ball sized bump in the middle of his head that no one could figure out where it came from. He had a mosquito bite there when he got to school and after rest time this HUGE bump appeared. He told one teacher he hit himself on the floor, the nurse that he had it when he came to school and then told his teacher he hit a door during lunch. He told me on the phone that he hit a wall outside during recess (they didn't have recess) and the nurse treated him for a head injury until we confirmed he probably was fine and maybe got a second mosquito bite. I made the nurse ask him if his cheek hurt (no visible injury there) and if his elbow hurt (no injury there either) to confirm that he couldn't answer the question accurately. He claimed they both hurt and she was convinced he was just confused. I got even greater stories from him after school about where he got the bump. Neither benadryl nor ice made it go down.

Friday--Tortuga and Corazon battling to see who could outcrazy the other. I think it was a tie! I was exhausted. Then Pollito came home from school with an ice pack. He hit his forehead on a pole during recess right before dismissal!

Saturday--The crazy continues...C. and I made the mistake of trying to watch a TV show (taped) while the kids played together. She's been so busy with work that we have had so little time together so after working all day she was ready for a break. We sat in the family room (15 feet from them) and spent 78 minutes to get through 14 minutes of the show before calling it quits and sending everyone off to bed.

Sunday--Got a haircut. Big deal for me because I don't let just anyone cut my hair (strange, personal quirk highly connected to my grandmother's superstitions) and I finally got someone who I could trust. Her name is Rain and she was great. I'd forgotten how great it feels to have someone else wash my hair! It is the little things that mean so much. Almost didn't go because I was on the phone with poison control. Milagro sprayed Febr**ze INTO her mouth just before we were leaving and really liked the taste. I was pretty sure it wasn't too toxic but double-checked with poison control to be safe. There were a few panic moments there and I am still feeling guilty about this.

And on that note... I am going to bed early!


Lisa said...

Another wild and crazy week huh?

I'll try to send pics later. It's not as tidy as I would like it but it's tons better than it was. :)

BT said...

Oh my, what a week. Here's hoping things turn around at least a little bit.

Christine said...

Ay, ay, ay.

My attached 6-yr-old is the one who is making me want to beat my head against the wall right now. She has always copied the behaviors of her siblings.

Lovely. A securely attached child mimicking RAD.

Shoot me.

Dia por Dia said...

How I really dislike the mimicking...I think that is what my 5 year old is doing these days! Yikes.

matryoshka said...

Hi Dia-

I was quite unhappy with a large percentage of the populace in my state as well.

sounds like things are off the wall..hopefully you're all on the mend and things are settling down. though around here there is no normal again until sometime in Jan.

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