Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

A couple of you asked to see the front of Corazon's hair. I know I have those pictures but haven't gotten them from my camera. These are the pictures we took of the kids with C.'s parents. They aren't all cropped correctly but you get the idea. The grandparents were thrilled to get a picture with all their grandchildren. This was the first time their entire family (3 kids, 5 grandkids) were together and so it was worth commemorating. The kids did great during their photo shoot!

Thanksgiving went well. Almost as good as possible and both Corazon and Tortuga did fabulously. I am working on writing about where we are with Tortuga but we did have a meltdown free Thanksgiving despite extraordinary amounts of attention and time with people. I was very proud of them. The family left on Friday and we were able to have a relatively leisurely weekend. I am so impressed with how many folks have their decorations up already--I am not one of them.


Lee said...

Gorgeous pictures! I *love* Corazon's hair, but all the kids are just so sweet and precious. Glad your thanksgiving went so well. Ours was nearly meltdown free which I thought was pretty good, though today was not so great! Ah well!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

What beautiful photos! So glad the holiday was relaxing and melt-down free.

J. said...

those are beautiful photos, great that everyone was able to hold it togheter and enjoy the time togehter.

BT said...

So glad to hear your TG holiday went smoothly and you even got some relaxing in. The pictures are great!, and even better for knowing that they weren't a big hassle to get!

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