Monday, November 2, 2009


In about a month our regular parade of holiday visitors will begin. 11 visiting family members for the whole week of Thanksgiving, will be followed by a 10 day visit from family friends and then we will once again have a full house starting around Dec. 17 through January 10. Throw in Thanksgiving, boys' adoption anniversaries (we don't celebrate but are "there"), Christmas, C.'s birthday, Three Kings' Day (which we do celebrate), and 3 kids' anniversaries (of joining the family) in January and early February and we are in for a long spell of opportunities for meltdowns, drama and trauma. With few exceptions most of these visitors do not understand our parenting especially with the older two.

So in my infinite wisdom I decided we needed a "test run" this past week with Tortuga. He has been more demanding of having time with "the family" and we have been telling him he wasn't ready. He kept asking for a "test." We generally don't do "tests" until we think he will have a high rate of success. That said, I decided to give some things a try and the perfect opportunity came up when our dear friend P. (who is also Tortuga's godmother) came to visit for this past weekend. She has been here since Thursday and leaves tomorrow (Tuesday) and with Halloween thrown in I thought we had the makings of a good "Test Run" to see just how far Tortuga has come and just how far we still have to go. We gave him more time with "the family" and more "fun stuff with the family." Some of you are thinking how brave, how daring, how wonderful, or maybe, how crazy!

I don't have the chance to write about this now but will do so tomorrow after I get my friend to the airport.Before I discuss how things have gone anyone care to venture a guess at what might have happened?

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BT said...

Oh, I'm so torn between being optimistic and being worried.

I'm going to go with he kept it together for about 48 hours and then things went a bit downhill, at which point you and C intervened to try to prevent things from snowballing.

But I really hope he did fantastic.

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