Monday, November 9, 2009

I just had to share.

This is Corazon.
She is doing sentences.
So why am I writing about this?
Because she is doing Tortuga's sentences.
She offered because he was really struggling to do them.
She asked me if she could help him and I sent her to ask him.
He said "yes" and and "Thanks. I owe you."
She said "no you don't. I want to."
Then a few minutes later he asked me if he could say something to her.
He said, "Corazon, I really, really don't know how I will ever thank you."


Lisa said...

Now I'm a blubbering fool. That's the sweetest thing!

Christine said...

*stunned silence*

Brie said...

!?!?!?!? Absolutely lovely! You must be so proud of both of them!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! Too sweet.

Hartley said...

Just when you least expect it--your kids surprise you.

Love it!

Linda B said...

Whoa! What did you feed them that day? How cool!

SocialWrkr24/7 said...

Beautiful - just beautiful.

J. said...

to bad you can't bottle that up and save it for other days when you need it.

BT said...

And such are the moments that keep us all going. What a treat for your ears and heart.

Jeri said...

Yeah for them both. Soak it in...bottle it...enjoy.

Brenda said...


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