Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

There was some real doubt we would actually make it to today. Crazy behaviors plus a whole lot of attitude had us leaning towards cancelling the whole thing. Happily, the kids got it together and were able to enjoy a night of trick or treating, special treats, and Tortuga and Corazon even did a reprise of their Halloween play from last year. I was impressed they remembered all their lines from last year's Halloween play! All in all, it was way too much fun.


Hartley said...

You have beautiful kids! My son decided at the last possible minute that Halloween was too stressful for him and opted to spend the night at his Grandma's. Good for him, but definitely bittersweet for me. Always hard to have the family split up, even if it is what is best for everyone involved. :)

Glad to see your group made it out!

Thanks for sharing,

Lisa said...

Way cute!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Too stinking cute!!!!

Tricia said...

look at those adorable kiddos!!!!

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