Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Fuzzy Bear

This is Fuzzy Bear. He was my Pollito's homework for the weekend. As the kindergarten "Star of the Week" he had the privilege of bringing this cuddly little bear home and hanging out with him. It was MY homework to bring him along everywhere we went and write about our "adventures" in his (the Bear's) travel journal. How I wish I had the interest and energy to do this. I faked it. Pollito was happy.
The rest of our weekend was relaxing. I took the kids to a Halloween party at one of the universities who host this every year. Lots of candy, games, crafts and activities. They got to wear their costumes and had a grand time. They each handled it remarkably well and I was quite grateful since C. couldn't join us because she was on her way out of town again. We came home exhausted, ordered Chinese food, and had a picnic in the family room. Tortuga was able to manage the stimulation, togetherness and family time with very little redirection. I am so very proud of him. He got it together after Saturday's challenges which I need to write about but don't have the energy right now.
Today hasn't been so good for any of us. Milagro is clingy and whiney (rare for her), Pollito seems to have issues remembering just about everything, Tortuga seems to think he doesn't have to follow rules, routines or expectations since C. is away and Corazon is just one unregulated mess. To top it off I have a short fuse today and the kids have been setting it off quite easily. Not my best parenting day.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Pollito's school seems to have quite a bit of kindegarten after-school work for the both of you. Holy Smokes! I hope the Chinese food was good after such a busy day.

Lisa said...

Must be something in the air or maybe it's contagious.

Hoping today is a better day....

J. said...

That K teacher seems to forget that it is kindergarten, as a former K teacher I must say she really piles it on! Poor you. My idea of K homeowrk is bring in a toy that starts with the letter p and tell us about it!

Hang in there, hope C is home soon!

BT said...

My M has been out of town lately too, and it just rubs the kids the wrong way -- upsets their world too much. We've been barely holding it together, and I have had both good and less-than-stellar moments. Really wish I could be more consistent and not let things set me off. Hope C gets home to you all real soon.

Your kindergarten program is insane.

Great job for Tortuga allowing himself to enjoy that fun.

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