Thursday, September 10, 2009

Response to question from A

A. asked the following in a comment on my previous post: "On the birth cert for a same sex couple what does it say? Is it mother/father spaces that have to be filled out? I hope questions like that aren't rude. I'm really curious :).

I think it's a great question and not rude at all. I certainly didn't know what it would say until we had Milagro. Because C. gave birth to Milagro and we were both recognized as her parents from the start the birth certificate paperwork filled out at the hospital and filed as her official birth certificate has C.'s information in the "mother" section and mine in the "father" section BUT the "father" section is blacked out and an asterisk (*) is placed before my name. At the bottom of the certificate in the "DPH authorized" section is the following "*second parent."

It's a much longer story having to do with our move OUTSIDE a state that recognizes same-sex marriage but the short is that we both had to "adopt" Milagro in order to have a birth certificate that would be accepted in all the rest of the states. That "amended" birth certificate does NOT have "mother/father" labels on it but instead uses "parent/parent." Our other adopted kids' amended birth certificates have "co-parent/co-parent" on it. I think the language is quite new and changes as this becomes more "established" in MA. Probably other states have different language. Now I have to find our marriage certificate and see what that says...:-)


A said...

Thank you for not being offended :)

Yes! I want to see what the marriage cert says!

In our state, same sex marriages aren't recognized, but they can adopt. I have no clue what that birth certificate would say, either. Probably the co-parent thing

BT said...

Now you've got me curious about what the corresponding documents say up here in the Canadian provinces. In my province, you don't even get a copy of your marriage license when you get married; if you ever need it, you call and request that a copy be issued. But I don't remember what it said when we added it to our adoption dossier back in '04, and I think that pre-dated the same-sex marriage legislation anyway. Will have to look into this out of interest's sake now!

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