Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morning exchange

Every morning I have to get all the kids besides Tortuga up, dressed, fed and ready for the day before letting him get out of bed. Otherwise, chaos ensues and it isn't pretty. So this morning, I woke Tortuga with my usual refrain: "Good morning it's time to get up. Take a shower, do your morning routine, and don't forget to make your bed." His response, "Thank you mom for making me take a shower." This is the ODD kid who makes up new ways to argue and disagree every chance he gets. So I said, "what?" He repeated. "Thank you for making me take a shower in the morning cuz I am grumpy and the shower calms my body down and wakes up my eyes so I feel good. ... [pause]....You were right mom."

Which one of you took my son and replaced him with this kid?


Foster Ima said...

Wow, what a great way to start the day! I'm a little teary-eyed just reading this.

BT said...

This is fabulous for so many reasons. I hope it lasted/s more than a moment. But even that one moment was something precious.

I loved that your first reaction was "what?"!


Carmel said...

How cute! I love when kids get it, even if it is temporary.

To be productive in the morning at our house I actually have all of Jasper's clothing in Buzz's room so I can monitor that Buzz actually gets out of bed while I pick out Jaspers clothes. then Buzz has to follow me into the other kids room to pick out his clothing so i can keep and eye on him while I get the other kids up.

People always thought it was weird that Jasper and Buzz's clothes were in opposite rooms but it works for us.

I am not sure if you got my previous note, but I would love if you could send me a list of books :-)

Dia por Dia said...

Will do. I will try to email tonight. BTW you are doing great with commenting. I LOVE it! :-)

A said...

I'm glad other people have "different" morning routines, too. I keep all three of mine seperated in the morning or it's just ugly. Fights, tantrums, tears, no one gets breakfast before the bus comes. Yet seperate they can all comply. Usually. At least somewhat.
I hope he comes home with that same attitude for you!

Brie said...

Isn't that the best way to start the day?!

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