Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What kind of parent takes pictures of her kid crying?

As many moms of kids with RAD can attest, these kids just don't seem to get sick. Mine can have drama over a hangnail but if she is really sick, you wouldn't know it. In our 4 1/2 years with Corazon she has only been sick twice before (and the first time she denied it the WHOLE time!) This past Fall she was really sick and had to miss school and she got to lay around all day napping and letting me take care of her. That was a new experience for her. On Monday she started complaining of ear pain and congestion. By Tuesday it was a full-blown illness--fever, ear pain, etc. She was absolutely miserable, clingy, and needy. She even woke me up during the night because she was in pain. I felt terrible for her but it was also a first for us. She has never done this before. In fact she had asthma as a preschooler and there were a couple of times when she was in the midst of a full-blown asthma attack and she She was practically turning blue and she still denied she was having any trouble breathing! For her to ask for help (for a real issue) in the middle of the night is something I had never experienced with her. Funny, the things we never think about until they don't happen.

Our summer child, S., went back to Boston this week. Corazon was so sad for the days leading up to the departure! She has only begun to show genuine emotions about people leaving since this year. Before that it was so much a part of her life that people just came and went and she was really good at "forgetting" about them. She cannot remember names of people she saw every single day for years (classmates, teammates, foster siblings, etc.) and when they were out of sight they were literally out of mind. She would say "bye" in the blink of an eye but this time she was really feeling it. I snapped that picture after she was sitting watching me do S.'s hair. Her eyes just welled up and she admitted she was thinking about S.'s imminent departure.

I managed to get another shot of the two of them in which they are smiling but if you look closely you can still see the tears.


ohchicken said...

she is so beautiful. i hope to meet her someday!

Anonymous said...

Dia, it's sad of course but those are ADORABLE photos! I'm so glad Corazon is learning to be able to feel. She has sch great moms, and it looks like a great friend too.

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