Sunday, August 23, 2009


"I'm two!" were the first words out of Milagro's mouth Saturday morning. We had been talking up her birthday and while I don't think she really gets it, she got the fact that is was special and walked around all day saying "I'm Birthday Girl!!!" So she started her day with a special breakfast.

Then she looked at her birth story book. She exclaimed "ME!" only about 50 times as she looked at each picture!

Then she tried showing off her age on her fingers.

Today we celebrated her birthday, along with Pollito's (his is next weekend) with a small family gathering. Corazon has a gymnastics meet on his birthday so we decided to do a joint celebration for the two of them.

After all that excitement we had a very tired little girl who announced she was ready for bed by...

...heading up the stairs.

Then she couldn't resist one last goodnight as she said "I have fun mom! Thank YOUUUUUUU!"
What more could a mom ask for?


Cupcake Mama said...


Christine said...

It's official. No more "almost two!"

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