Thursday, August 13, 2009


As the kids and I continue to hideout from the 100+ degree heat enjoy these lazy summer days, C. has been working like crazy. She took a new job that is perfect for her but since it wasn't in the plans until June she had already agreed to teach a course that meets daily. It is a rough schedule because it takes an hour and a half to go there and back plus the hour to teach. It basically takes up half her day and then she rushes home to do the full-time she is supposed to be doing from home. We see her for meals but otherwise she hasn't been able to spend too much time with the kids. I basically tell her when we have something important to do (doctor's appointments, school meetings with future teachers, etc.) so that she can try to fit them into her calendar or plan on keeping a kid or two home with her. This has been especially necessary because Tortuga continues to be on very restricted privileges and he cannot handle being out and about with me and the rest of the kids. It is very much like having one 9 year old and three kids under age 4 when I have to take them all with me. Tortuga has made progress and he is earning almost no sentences these days but we are keeping his world very, very small and he has almost no interactions with any of the other kids except when strictly supervised AND with very specific activities. It seems to be working for him but taxing the rest of us.

We knew we were going to test his ability to spend extended time with the rest of the family by taking a small trip this weekend but we wanted to squeeze in some funtime together before school is upon us. C. has a business meeting in Dallas today and tomorrow. Our plan was for her to go to her meetings today while the kids and I took a trip to a museum. Then tomorrow she had an early morning session but would be free for the rest of the day and we could tour the science and nature museum, IMAX show, planetarium, etc. I spent part of yesterday packing and getting things ready so we could leave early this morning.

It didn't happen.

C. is in Dallas while the rest of us are still here. Milagro got a fever last night that no amount of tyl*n*l would bring down. Her temperature hovered between 102-103 and I stayed up with her because the only way she could sleep was in my arms. She had no other symptoms. After about 16 hours I finally switched her to children's ibuprofen (tyl*n*l has usually worked for her) and voila her fever started to break. She is still clingy, sleepy, and slightly warm but better than last night. Given that we weren't sure what was happening we decided it wouldn't be a good idea to travel with a sick toddler. So here we are holding down the fort and trying to plan fun stuff for the kids to do. Pollito is going to help me cook tonight and we are making chili for frito pie.

Yesterday we also had a meeting with Corazon's teachers and principal. Although we had pretty much decided to homeschool her after her teacher was replaced by a first year teacher for this upcoming school year we decided to not burn that bridge for the future. It is a small charter school and goes all the way to 8th grade so we wanted to make sure to keep that option available in the future just in case we decide to send her back to school. The meeting solidified the soundness of our homeschooling plans. The principal worked hard to convince us to stay, the new teacher was as enthusiastic as could be, and the second teacher (whom she had significant contact with last school year and would have provided some continuity) was uniterested at best and dismissive of her issues at worst. It made it really easy to feel good about our homeschooling choice. Corazon knew we were considering homeschooling again and seemed torn about it but when we told her we had finalized the decision she seemed quite happy about it.

We then decided to talk with Tortuga who has assumed all along that he would be going back to school. In fact, one of the testing points over the past few weeks has been his outright defiance and declarations that once school starts he doesn't have to "do things" our way or even listen to us. We informed him that he would be homeschooling as well. I could see he was disappointed but he handled it really well and announced that it made him happy. I am sure this isn't the end of it but for now I will take that response. Pollito will be the only one attending school and that will be good for him I think.

I am excited to homeschool the kids again and I am so grateful that C.'s job allows me to continue to stay home with them. I am not sure how long that will be possible but for now I will gladly take it.

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Lisa said...

Probably very wise decisions. Hating that C's schedule is making it so hard and the sweet pea has been sick. Boo.

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