Monday, August 17, 2009

Over the river...and through the a wonderful RV park we go

After driving through new and unknown territories with our trusty M*pqu*st directions, passing a lovely ranch named "El Rancho Chico" (and I thought I was the only one!) and another one aptly named the "Idle Life Ranch," we arrived at this beautiful RV park nestled in the quiet town of Gonzales, TX. We went here and had an amazingly wonderful Sunday afternoon hanging out with two wonderful families who blog at Welcome to my brain and My sweet chaos. We brought together 12 kids, 3 RAD moms, and a 1 RAD dad, plus a whole mess of good food, hot sun, shady trees, fantastic people, and open spaces for wearing kids out. With 6 healing RADlings in the mix we weren't sure what could happen but it was all good!

I have only been reading these women's blogs for a few months but they have both been such a source of support and inspiration. The humor, faith, humility, caring, support, and camaraderie that both these women have provided for me is beyond words. On days when I wonder just how I am going to keep on doing this and feel like I am out of new ideas, their words inspire me to keep on doing what I am doing and more importantly to relish those small victories and big successes alike. They also encourage me to do this with patience, grace, and a whole lot of humor. So, it was a such a blessing to get to see them in person and spend ALL afternoon with them. My sweet chaos and I have spoken on the phone quite a bit and met in person a few weeks ago at my daughter's birthday party so our kids were looking forward to seeing each other again. They greeted each other like old friends! Ever since we heard this wonderful family was moving to back to Texas we had been planning and plotting when we could go visit with the newest "celebrity" in our neck of the woods and of course, welcoming them to the "neighborhood." Remember this is Texas. If someone is within 3-4 hours drive from you, they are in the neighborhood.

It was heart-warming and gratifying to spend time with both these families Our new neighbor and her family our so gracious and inspiring. Hosting us after just two weeks of uprooting their family, living in an RV park, trying to start a business, and meeting the needs of 5 kids is no small feat but they make it look so easy and so right. So if you are in search of a wonderful getaway please check out their RV park (you can stay there even if you don't have an RV since they do welcome tent camping). The bonus is you will be welcomed and greeted by some wonderful people.
We spent the day talking with each other and watching 12 kids ages "almost 2" to 13 run around, eat, play football, play volleyball, play in the dirt, ride bikes, paint faces and arms, draw, craft, run around, play horseshoes, play hide-n-seek, run around, play tag, catch, release, observe and examine antlions and the biggest grasshoppers I have ever seen, weave mats out of long tall grass (I am sure it has a name), run around, eat, and just plain have fun! It gave us time to talk and listen to each others' stories and experience and just bask in the company of good people doing hard work for our kids who wouldn't have it any other way. I was thrilled, reinvigorated, and humbled to be in such company. I am so blessed!


Mama Drama Times Two said...

What an amazing day you had!!! It looks like the kids had a blast - and the Moms are all smiles too. Makes me wish I lived closer to Texas!!!!

ldw said...

I am so glad you wrote about this great day! I haven't had the time but the words are swimming in my head. Your post sums it up exactly and the pics (except that last one including ME, yuck!)are awesome! Can't wait for the next time!

Lisa said...

Still incredibly jealous. I mean envious....

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