Sunday, August 30, 2009

Off to Kindergarten!

Last week was a whirlwind of a week/weekend and I am working on pulling together so many different thoughts. So I am behind and had originally thought I would do one big post but decided I wanted to honor the special moments in and of themselves so there's going to be a few more posts like this one over the next few days. I think it's really important for me to enjoy the good things and the milestones so that when I am up to my neck is RAD h*ll I can look back on these moments and remember the possibilities.
Pollito started Kindergarten this past Monday. In the weeks leading up to it I could see the anxiety rising as soon as we reminded him and he announced that he wasn't going to go to Kindergarten. I said that was fine and I would be happy to keep him home. Periodically we would mention something that might happen in Kindergarten and he helped me do his school supply shopping "just in case" he changed his mind. On Friday, we went to "back to school" night to deliver school supplies and to meet his teacher. He helped me pull his supplies together but announced that we could give the supplies to the teacher even though he wasn't going to be going to school. I said that was fine.

He actually already knew her because she mentored him last year and he got to spend time in her room. He was happy to be there but still clear that he wasn't returning to school unless it was back to Pre-K with the teacher he is so madly in love with. (I am serious. The boy dreams about her!)

On Saturday we celebrated Milagro and Pollito's birthdays (see previous post and future post) and he was still adament about not going to school on Monday. On Sunday he woke up and seemed to be a very happy little kid. When I asked what he was happy about he said "I changed my mind. I do want to go to Kindergarten." And that was that. He was resolved and ready to go. Just in time since school started the next day. So we picked out school clothes, got him a new haircut, and got to bed early. True to his word he was ready and excited to go to school on Monday!

He had a special "back to school" breakfast.

Then he put his backpack on and headed out the door ahead of C.

He hammed it up for the camera before the required "first day of kindergarten" photo.

I watched him head out to the car with C. and marvelled at the fact that my baby was starting Kindergarten! He looked so independent and ready to face the world. I felt a little sad to see him go so easily and readily but I was thrilled that he turned around for one last goodbye.

When C. returned from dropping him off she recounted how our chatterbox talked non-stop about how much fun he was going to have, how happy he was to be in Kindergarten, how much he loved his new teacher, all the friends he was going to make, etc.. As they lined up in the cafeteria to walk to the classroom without their parents our son stood frozen to his spot, tears streamed down his face, and she had to PUSH him all the way down the hall behind his classmates!


Cupcake Mama said...

Awww, he looks SO excited. Too cute!

BT said...

Ohhhh, I wasn't expecting the crying at the end. Hope his day ended up being splendid. And yours as well.

Lisa said...


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