Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Pollito and School Transition

We celebrated Pollito's birthday a week early on the same day as Milagro's because Corazon had a gymnastics meet scheduled on his birthday. So he got multiple celebrations. I forget that he has a hard time processing some things so he is totally confused by the dual celebration. He also can't keep track of how old he is. I had originally thought to bring cupcakes to his school this past Friday so he could get some special attention. I didn't get my act together. It was probably for the best given how easily he is getting confused and he needs to settle into the school routines without getting any more attention for all that cuteness! He is still the smallest kid in the whole grade and that's saying alot given that there are over 100 kinder kids in the school this year! His teacher is great but I think she already has me pegged as a hyper-vigilant mom.
Transition back to school has been a challenge for him this year. He is usually pretty good about routines and systems but so far we have had missing lunches, missing snacks, lost water bottles, lost folders, and my all-time favorite--peeing accidents. He had made such progress. 2 accidents in 3 months over the course of the summer and now he has had 2 nights of wetting the bed and 2 accidents at school. I was starting to celebrate the end of the pee era for him but of course I was being premature. He is also testing all kinds of limits at home, school and gymnastics. Most of it can be written off as general silliness but I am not so sure. I still see some RAD-like behaviors that suggest there is something else going on. He doesn't have RAD as far as I can tell but he seems to have learned a good deal from watching his siblings behaviors. The defiance is particularly challenging these days and I think the peeing is part of it. I am starting to think I should have homeschooled him as well but I really want to give regular school a try for him. I will probably regret it.


Lisa said...


Bless his little heart.

BT said...

Our younger son is not diagnosed RAD. In fact, our psychologist does not believe he's RAD or even has any element of attachment disorder. But, four years post-adoption, I still see things in his behaviours (and sometimes agitation) that make me wonder. It's very blurry because I'm convinced there's a spectrum of degree of attachment disorder (and probably even a spectrum of RAD), and also because he had some solid years of training in RAD behaviours from his older brother. So it is hard to sort out. A lot of the time, we parent him the same way we parent our RADish, and I believe he benefits from it. At the same time, he responds to "regular" parenting in a lot of contexts, so we want to make sure we are giving him freedoms appropriate to typically attached children his age. As I said, I find it very hard to sort out.

Dia por Dia said...

I sooooo agree. He has always shown pretty normal attachment to me but for about a year now I keep seeing RAD behaviors that could have been learned from his siblings but other times they have such a special "spin" that is just him. But yes, we have tended to parent him the same as the 2 RADishes so these behaviors are in good check. Then of course I wonder if I am missing something. Very hard to sort out.

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