Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sticktight Update

Pollito is my most neglected child. His being the third of four kids it is easy to "forget" about him at times. I made him my "sticktight" right after we returned from vacation because his behavior was unpredictable, destructive, disruptive, and just plain mean. I made his world very, very, small. He sits at my feet or next to me ALL the time. He does activities in 30 minute blocks and he has a limited choice of activities (coloring, drawing, books, puzzles, legos, lincoln logs, "homework" writing, and "imaginary play" with 4-5 toys of my choosing). If he destroys, disrupts, or in any way shows he cannot handle doing that which he is supposed to do, I calmly take the items away and for the rest of that thirty minute block he just sits there. It is difficult to maintain this and keep track of the other 4 kids in the house but we are trying to manage. So far so good. He is thriving. The nonsense chattering is gone when I am next to him but as soon as I am out of sight it returns. This tells me he is feeling some anxiety when he is away from me.

We are also working on him being more appropriate with the toddler. He touches her ALL THE TIME with his hands and his mouth and he constantly puts her hands on his body. It is not always appropriate touching and it is challenging to keep her away from him because he has generally been her playmate. She is so sad that he cannot play with her and of course, doesn't understand. When I do let them play together it doesn't last because he does something really mean or I have to grab him as he is doing something physical with her.

The only break he has had from me was to go to "cooking camp." It is his birthday gift from us (his birthday is in August). He loves to cook and when I found a class that would take a four year old I was so excited. He seemed anxious to leave me but he did great. He had a blast and is already asking for another camp. I felt silly sending him to camp since he could help me in the kitchen and have as much fun (while saving me money.) However, helping me includes about 100 interruptions and then we rush through the process so I wanted him to have a different experience where he could thoroughly enjoy the activity. It obviously worked!

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Carmel said...

Hello! I just went through your whole blog yesterday and today and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your story. Can't wait to read more.

- Carmel

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