Saturday, July 4, 2009

Southern Hospitality

We have been blessed many times over the past few weeks as we travelled home to Boston and stopped in to visit with family and friends. One such blessing was our time in Georgia. We had no intention of passing through there but after missing a chance to meet Lisa when she was in Texas I wanted to make the effort to see her. She has been so helpful to me over the past few months in working with Tortuga and Corazon. After tweaking our plans a bit we decided to take a little time to see her for a brief visit. She is so gracious and it was like meeting an old friend rather than a new one! She offered us a place to stay at her lake house which has a breathtaking view. Then she welcomed us with serious Georgia hospitality--biscuits & sausage, peaches, Georgia cucumbers and a home-made birthday cake made by her mom. That was an amazing cake and we aren't serious cake eaters but the leftovers are riding in the car between C. & I so that no one messes with them. :-) Seriously Lisa's mom made one of the best cakes we have ever had (THANK YOU Lisa's mom!) Lisa is such a thoughtful friend. After hearing about my less than spectacular birthday "celebration" a few weeks ago, she greeted me with the biggest birthday balloon I have ever seen, that delicious cake and a most thoughtful card & gift especially designed to help this RAD mom with her kids. (The chocolate part of the gift is almost gone and I did share with the kids!)

Our kids got along pretty well. They played outside, raced each other, (J. can really run! so she gave my kids a run for their money) and even tried to cover for each other when they thought someone might get in trouble. They all enjoyed time swimming in the lake with C. while Lisa and I got a chance to chat while being super-vigilant RAD moms enforcing "no touching" rules with 7 kids (4 1/2 RADishes in the water!) Friday morning, we stopped by Lisa's house to say our good-byes and the kids greeted each other like old friends. J. waved and smiled as we pulled into the driveway and excitedly showed the kids around. It was wonderful to see how anxious she was to share her photo albums with my kids and Special K. was also excited to share hers. They shared stories of life as RAD kids with awesome moms (alarms and homeschooling were at the top of the list) and my kids benefitted greatly from seeing another mom who does some of the same things I do.
On a side note...Tortuga was equally smitten with J. (see who he is scoping out in the picture below) while Corazon was disappointed to not have more opportunity to play with Special K. It was hard to say goodbye but the kids were already making plans to get together again.
What an amazing (but all too brief) time we have had in Georgia. Visiting with Lisa has got to be one of the highlights of this trip. She is even more amazing in person! Her ability to give each of her daughters exactly what they need when they need it is impressive. Not to mention helping me out with changing Tortuga's energy this morning (it lasted through most of the day!) We miss y'all already dear friends!


Lisa said...

It was amazing! We need to start planning now for another visit.
You're holding out on some pictures. ;-)

ldw said...

Oh wow! What a great visit you guys had! So happy for you! Are you home yet??? LOL

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