Friday, July 24, 2009

She's a natural!

The two older kids love ice skating and have missed it in the year we have been in Texas. Yesterday, partly in order to remind Tortuga of the family fun times he misses when he isn't being an appropriate family kid, we decided to take the kids ice skating. We brought him along since we don't have a regular sitter. He fumed when I informed him he could sit by my side and help me watch our stuff. He had somehow convinced himself he was going to get to skate even though he has lost all family privileges indefinitely. In spite of himself he had to admit he was having fun especially watching the two younger ones enjoying themselves so much on the ice. Of course, he would have had more fun had he been skating. Corazon hit her stride easily and managed to practice some fancy moves as she helped her friend S. get her feet under her. I love watching her when she just lets herself be a regular kid!

I need to write more about what is happening with Tortuga and what we are trying to do with him but he consumes so much of my energy right now and haven't been able to write about that at this point but I will soon. Pollito is still my sticktight but I did let him get on the ice and skate for a bit. C. was exhausted between helping Pollito and Milagro but being the proud mamas that we are we were super impressed with her confidence and absolute trust that C. could keep her safe. Such a reminder of what strong attachment can do for a child. It was Milagro's first time on the ice and she just loved it! See for yourself.


Lisa said...

That little Milagro is the cutest thing ever. It is a beautiful thing to see and hear the trust.

Christine said...

Soooo, just exactly how close am I going to be to you guys after our move this week??? Inquiring minds want to know. You need to shoot me an email!

christinemoers [at] hotmail [dot] com

BT said...

Thank you for sharing your boys' adoption stories. So incredible, all of our kids! And Milagro looks like a champ on the ice.

beauty obscure said...

Hi There,
I've been reading all your archives after finding your blog a few days ago. I am a psych. student who works with kids with a variety of special needs. I worked with a few RAD kids recently and took a beyond consequences training... and am kind of hooked and thinking about a future as an attachment therapist. (worlds longest intro.)
I wanted to say I think that your little one is such a gift to your older kids. As hard as it can be for your RAD kids to see the things they didn't get when they were babies. I think seeing the "proper" way to to look after babies will be so healing for them in the long run.
I also think you and C. are amazing and brave parents for using "unconventional" approaches when you know it is what your kids need.

Dia por Dia said...

Hello Beauty Obscure,
Thank you for your comments. I agree that Milagro is such a blessing for them and us all as she is a constant reminder of what some of our children missed. I would love to hear more about what you have learned in working with RAD kids and am thrilled you are considering becoming an attachment therapist. There is such a high need for good attachment therapists. We never really found one where we were. We had one who had experience with RAD and had done some attachment experience and was a blessing. The rest were so focused on play therapy which was just horrible for our kids!

Parents need so much support and I know for some it is the attachment therapist alone who can keep them going and not feel so insane! Thank you for reading!

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