Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Settling into our routines

It continues to be difficult to get Corazon regulated. She is fine one moment and then the smallest thing (folding a shirt, picking up a toy, clearing a dish, etc.) completely sets her off. She cries, screams, pouts, stomps her feet, slams doors, and is just plain unpleasant. She is resistant to both the rubbing and tapping and won't cooperate even for me to do it which is usually not the case. I also tried having her be my stick-tight for a couple of days and while it got her out of a major rut it hasn't snapped her out of whatever is going on. I don't know if it's too much transition too soon given the travelling and now summer schedule or maybe it is the pressures of having her friend here with us for the summer, or what. In the meantime I am more convinced than ever that we will need to go back to homeschooling her.

We had been so excited to have her back in her school with the continuity of the same teachers who seemed to have "her number" and seemed to get it a little about the RAD. One of the teachers was forced to resign for unknown reasons and I just found out they hired a first year teacher in her place. No matter how good she will be it isn't good enough. As a teacher/teacher educator I know what it takes to make it through that first year and I know the patterns with first year teachers and it just isn't what will work for her. We were already leaning this way once the teacher resigned but this seems to cinch the deal. I don't really mind homeschooling and I do like the flexibility but it looks like I will also be homeschooling Tortuga so Pollito will enter Kindergarten at his old school and be the only one not homeschooling. I am having to shift around some work related projects that I was hoping to take on to plan curriculum for the kids but I don't mind that part. It's what they need at this point.

We have been homeschooling this summer and it is going pretty smoothly except for Corazon's inconsistent behavior. Even S. (our summer child) is enjoying it and I am torturing her by making her learn her multiplication tables! :-) Pollito is taking a cooking class and he is in love with the teacher, the class and cooking! Milagro continues to bring a smile to my face with her language development and her engagement with just about everything. A few weeks ago the neighbor's dog slobbered all over Milagro's face which she quickly reported to me upon her return as Ruby "kissing" her. I suggested she tell the dog it was not OK to kiss. Since then she has been obsessed with Ruby, the dog, so on her nightly walks with C. she anticipates seeing her and telling the dog to not kiss her. She is totally excited to see the dog and completely disappointed when it doesn't happen but when the dog is in front of her she screeches and starts crying "carry me! carry me!" However, she reports to me that she tells Ruby "STOP! (hand out in front of dog's face) Ruby, no kissing!!!!!" I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

Tortuga is upset with me because he is not signed up for any summer camps or activities. Corazon has gymnastics and a volleyball camp while Pollito has cooking camp and soccer. I have explained to him that he is still grounded (on the "basic package") which doesn't entitle him to summer camps until he is able to be a better "family kid" and consistently show respect to me and the rest of the family. He is working himself up to be really ticked off about this but so far he is hanging in there. I just realized that by writing this I have most likely jinxed myself.


Tracey said...

I love the "basic package!" S just responded to it so well. She really got the concept and worked hard to earn the things she wanted. I wouldn't say she's quite on the luxury package yet but she's definitely earned some more fun and privileges.

I'm in awe of homeschoolers. I have a lot of patience but I think that might just put me over the edge. And doing it over the summer?? I couldn't even imagine.

Dia por Dia said...

We have tried "versions" of the "basic package" over time but this time we just decided to keep it in place consistently and indefinitely. We have allowed him to "earn" back certain privileges--like eating with the family--as he has demonstrated ability to not use that time to attack his siblings verbally (favorite pasttime.)It seems harsh to us at times but we keep reminding ourselves that he isn't ready and it's funny but he doesn't seem to mind which reinforces the fact that we are probably doing what he needs.

As for homeschooling...it started as a way to address Tortuga's gaps (8 and unable to write his name, or sound out the alphabet) but has become a way to maintain the progress that he makes given all his learning challenges. For the rest of them it maintains routines and structure which ultimately helps us all. But yes, I don't particularly appreciate having to do all the prep and planning....

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